26 June 2016


Okay, so if you live in Kelapa Gading, you would be familiar with this coffee shop called Kopium but today we won't be talking about the one in Gading but in Sunter instead! Yeap, they've already opened up a 2nd branch, though Gading and Sunter isn't really that far from each other. We didn't intend to come here specifically, we just passed the place and think that it looks interesting from the outside..totally on impulse!

The place is not that wide, seeing as it's only 1 shop house but there's more than 1 floor, so don't worry! Not that spacey but super comfy, though we're not from the area, we totally feel at home here!

When we came, it was just days after their opening, so there're still some unavailable menus. Even their menu list is still using copied papers..lol!

For the iced one, it'll cost IDR 35K. For those who likes sweet, this will be perfect but if you're a coffee drinker then I don't suggest getting this. Try their coffee instead!

Typical coffee shop snacks and a great company for your caffeine intakes. Don't worry though, cause they also have main courses here! Anyway, this churros is actually yummy! Love the perfect texture and it comes with chocolate sauce and ice cream, which is bound to be good!

Here's the stairs to the 2nd floor, decorated with supposed-to-be-cute-but-turns-out-perverted drawings..lol! I mean, why is that guy's hand there? xD

1 thing that I like about this place is that even though it's not spacious and the walls are filled with drawings, it doesn't seem messy and out of control!

Funny thing..jomblo (singles) corner! Yeap, for those who doesn't have a date, they've prepared the perfect spot for you haha!

Like always, the 2nd floor is much more deserted but nevertheless homey!

Kopium Sunter
Jl. Danau Sunter Utara 12-13 Blok D1 No. 2
Sunter, Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:00 am - 10:00 pm


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