22 June 2016


It's June!! A special month for Ms. Author here..lol! Been a month filled with celebrations, since a lot of our friends' birthday is in this month. Not only that but work has been busy lately, which explains the super late post..oops. Well, for our first post in this month, we chose something traditional that we both love, pempek! Went to a pretty popular place among families, Pempek Belida Mas. How could we say it's popular among families? Cause even our moms know, which is rare! Located at Kemayoran and if you have trouble finding it, try looking for Kimia Farma, it's right across the place!

I'd expect it to taste saltier, though it's exactly how mozzarella is supposed to taste like. You could say that we almost loved it, if only they have stronger flavor!

Look at those cheesy goodness!

They have 3 types of  Pempek Lenjer here! Pempek Lenjer Cumi (squid) for IDR 27K, Udang Besar (prawn) for IDR 26K, and Udang Nori (prawn seaweed) for IDR 27K. My favorite is the Udang Nori!

Now it's time for those egg filled pempek!

Yeap, the salted egg yolk fever has infected even traditional foods..lol! Was highly anticipating this but left kinda disappointed. The salted egg yolk isn't salty at all but maybe it's because they're using only the yolk. Not much difference than the usual egg filled pempek but because it's already good, so can't say it's bad!

Getting of topic, the highlight of this place is actually they're noodles! They have 2 colored noodles here, green, which is made of caisim and orange from carrot. Can't really find the difference in taste but both is delicious, so I've got nothing to complain about! Both cost IDR 35K for the Bakmi Bakso Pangsit!

Finish with refreshing fresh juices!

It's not that often we shared about a restaurant where we can bring our whole family to and this is one of them! We could really imagine having some family quality time here, especially since our family also likes pempek, which is pretty common. Traditional foods are more likable by families and we'd definitely bring our family here to try the pempek and especially the noodles!

Pempek Belida Mas International (BMI)
Jalan Garuda No. 34 
Across Kimia Farma
Kemayoran, Jakarta Utara 10620

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:30 pm

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  1. Oh yum yum! This made me hungry, like what you stated in your intro. Hehe.

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