22 June 2016


Been feeling that there's been more and more Nasi Babi Guling opening in Jakarta, since before I'd have a hard time trying to find this Balinese goodness! Wonder will it be as hip as coffee shops, I hope it will..lol! I think Babi Guling became popular because people who went to Bali will always post these stuff and made it viral on social medias, so anything that is made viral will always come to Jakarta!

Truth be told, I have no idea whether Pig Hunter here is a new restaurant or not, since it's located at a place that I rarely to almost never visit, Sunter. Their outer appearance look more like a bar rather than a restaurant actually because it's pretty dark with yellow lights. Hate them yellow lights!

You'll find 2 floors here where the 2nd floor is their smoking room!

Totally confused upon looking at this writings below..so their specialty is suckling pig to Chinese food to coffee..? If it's pork and beer, I can still accept it but pork and coffee? Not to mention beer and coffee?

Here's the 1st floor, which is way more crowded than the 2nd floor!

What interest me is that the walls are filled with decorations! Graffiti, frames, accessories, etc, yet I don't find it annoying!

You can choose various of sauces for this one. We went with bbq, which is a very safe choice actually. Taste very ordinary to me, just grilled pork drizzled with bbq sauce but I think it's just me. Maybe because I don't really like bbq sauce because my friends all agreed that it tastes good!

This is super NYOMZ! Super thick pork ribs with incredibly delicious spicy honey sauce! I bet you'll love this one!

It still has the gristle, so if you like to chew on it, you'd love this!

This is their signature here other than the ribs. Actually, the taste is pretty close to the ones in Bali, like how strong and flavorful it is but too bad the quality is kinda off. The pulled pork's a bit hard to chew and the cracker is not crispy. If only they maximized their potential, this could actually be amazing!

I'd definitely agreed to come back here for more, since they could really capture the taste of Bali, which is pretty rare here in Jakarta, so I think this is definitely worth the try!

Out of all, I'd recommend the pork ribs! It's a must try people! Just go for a sauce that you'd like, cause it all depends on preference and it will really affect the taste. I personally prefer the spicy honey!

Pig Hunter
Jl. Danau Agung Utara, Blok E No. 3A
Sunter, Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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  1. That pork ribs look sooooo good! Ada cabe2nya pula. Cobain ah pas ke Jkt~