31 July 2016


Who's ready to go on a date in a beautiful restaurant with Lulabyspoon? Yeap, today's restaurant is a looker! The name's D'Kevin and located in Intiland Tower, Sudirman. We do admit that we weren't expecting much, especially because it's located in a tower. But once again, we were reminded to not judge a book by it's cover, cause this turns out to be super fancy and classy!


So happy that nowadays Pantai Indah Kapuk has been flooded with restaurants with proper food and beautiful interior! One of them is this place located in line with Holy Wings, it's Epigastro!


So we're gonna get drunk today! Lol! Just kidding~ We're back to this place called Red & Co and if you didn't catch it the last time, it's located at Plaza Indonesia. Have you ever heard of Red Tomato? Well, we didn't tell you before but it's actually the same place with some slight upgrades and name changing for a new image. The change is not exactly new but since people don't usually look for a restaurant in a liquor shop, they had a slight problem getting the word out. Who would ever pass this place and think that this is a restaurant? Not me!


One of our resolution this year is actually to eat healthier..but reality isn't as forgiving. :') We admit that it's very hard to eat healthy nowadays, especially after becoming a food blogger. Our work demands us to try any kind of food, from the healthiest to the guiltiest! No, it's not an excuse~ :p but seriously tho, which is why we need these kind of places! A place for smoothie bowls called Berrywell, located in Fairgrounds, SCBD! If you're gonna go by Uber or taxi or others, they call the place 'Bengkel'. Not familiar with 'Fairground'? You'd probably have heard of a club called Fable, well, this is right below it!

30 July 2016


Hey there people in the South! I bet that you people are very familiar with the name Pasar Festival or something, all I know that it's shorten into PasFes! Location is at Epicentrum Kuningan and is one of the top hang out spot in South Jakarta, especially because Dim Sum Inc opens 24 hours here! Now they've earned a new member, Lucky Cat! A coffee shop that also serves main courses that also opens 24 hours! Uh-mazing!


Today's not gonna be the usual international cuisine but something very close to heart. It's an Indonesian fine dining restaurant, plus rooftop! The name's Kila Kila and located right across Pacific Place!

26 July 2016


Seven Friday!! Everybody knows that this is a watch brand but does anybody know that they have a restaurant? Some people thought that this is located at Grand Indonesia when it's actually at Plaza Indonesia! Maybe there's also a branch located in Grand Indonesia but I just don't know it? Oh well!

25 July 2016


Looking for a place that has a nice breakfast or brunch? Need some caffeine intake as well? Or just an Instagenic spot? You can find it all here at Maple & OakMenteng! Plus they're also popular for the super pretty and photogenic plating!

22 July 2016


So psyched that this cheese rolled ribs has finally landed in Jakarta!! After only having to drool from pictures that people from overseas uploaded on Instagram, either in Korea, Japan, or Thai, now my own beloved country has finally got one of these! Exact location is near Shirokuma in Kota Kasablanka and it's called Ojju, which is from GF Culinary, the same group as Marutama Ramen, Fish n Co, and Song Fa!

20 July 2016


Pantai Indah Kapuk never disappoints when it comes to new restaurants. The area will always have some new interesting spot to try, especially now that the PIK Avenue Mall is almost open (hopefully this year)! PIK will officially become more jammed people..watch out! On the bright side, there'll be more and more new spots that we bet we wouldn't be able to keep up with but we'll try our best for our readers of Lulabyspoon.com. Yeap, have you noticed that we've finally became Lulabyspoon.com now? :D