31 July 2016


One of our resolution this year is actually to eat healthier..but reality isn't as forgiving. :') We admit that it's very hard to eat healthy nowadays, especially after becoming a food blogger. Our work demands us to try any kind of food, from the healthiest to the guiltiest! No, it's not an excuse~ :p but seriously tho, which is why we need these kind of places! A place for smoothie bowls called Berrywell, located in Fairgrounds, SCBD! If you're gonna go by Uber or taxi or others, they call the place 'Bengkel'. Not familiar with 'Fairground'? You'd probably have heard of a club called Fable, well, this is right below it!

The place is like an alley and it's not that spacey but I think it's still perfect for hanging out. Thought that it won't be that crowded, I mean, who would think of eating some healthy food in a basement? Lol! Who knew that healthy food has become a trend, especially for those socialite ladies! You can even order this from GoJek!

Here's the cake corner!! Yeay! There's supposed to be 3 types but only 2 is available at that time, Carrot Cake and Lemon Chia Cake. It's even to the point that only 1 slice from each type is left! :(

 Personally I think the price of the smoothie bowl here is very affordable compared to others! Just look at the list below and plus, totally appreciate how they've counted the calories for us..lol! Thank you Berrywell!

Choose your own toppings? Why not! I'm only familiar with Chia Seed and Granola tho..lol!

159 Cal.

 Inside this is banana, peanut butter, and multigrain milk. See! All these and only 150 calories! It's both healthy and filling, whereas only a bowl of white rice is already 250 calories! Rice and side dishes will probably add up to 1000 calories!

The regular size is just right for me, not too much nor little. Eating a bowl of this as a meal won't make you feel guilty at all! It's fruits and grains, what's healthier than that?

Don't know what fruit is the base of this but all I know is that they mixed in peanut butter in this! Love!

153 Cal.

Yeap, here's the signature and of course, it tastes amazing! It's mixed with coconut water and they use Acai for the base. Honestly, I don't really know where Acai came from, just that it's super healthy! The taste of this is not that sweet, a bit sour and the coconut water's strong enough!

What I like here is that the smoothies are really thick! You can really guess that they're generous with their fruits and not that much water!

Sorry but I don't know how many calories in this one..lol! Probably not that bad seeing as they use chia seed in it. It's supposedly still guilt free!

Though I don't like lemons, this is actually good even with the strong lemon flavor! I think I could learn to like lemons if it's for this!

Everything you find here is good, from the smoothies bowl to the cake! I wanted to try the cold pressed juice as well but it's all sold out! :( They also have coffee and tea here, the tea is from Lewis & Carroll, so it's certain that it's gonna be good!

Well, I'd love to come back or if it's one of those lazy days, I'll order this up from GoJek but our experience here is pretty bad. Our order got skipped to 3 people that came later than us and we didn't realize it 'till we saw that there are people that came after us already got their order and even went home first! Don't know what happened, lack of staff maybe? They even forgot our ordered size! It's really too bad, since when we ordered, the cashier was totally friendly and helpful with our orders! Guess it's bad luck? Hope that they improve this and pay more attention to these things! Good luck!

Fairground SCBD Lot 14
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta, Indonesia 12430

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 07:00 am - 09:00 pm

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