30 July 2016


Hey there people in the South! I bet that you people are very familiar with the name Pasar Festival or something, all I know that it's shorten into PasFes! Location is at Epicentrum Kuningan and is one of the top hang out spot in South Jakarta, especially because Dim Sum Inc opens 24 hours here! Now they've earned a new member, Lucky Cat! A coffee shop that also serves main courses that also opens 24 hours! Uh-mazing!

Biggest mistake ever to have come here at Sunday afternoon cause of course, it's a full house! Thank goodness my friend came here firsthand and got a table for us!

Lucky Cat here is a very comfy place to hang that has 2 floors and a lot of Instagenic spots! So thankful that it opens 24 hours cause I think Jakarta needs more of these, a 24 hours cafe and not just an Indomie shop or clubs..lol! Whenever you got nowhere to go at whatever hour, just come by this place!

You can even use this place as a place for a birthday celebration like these girls here!

So bummed that all their flavored latte is unavailable, since they've got a lot of interesting flavors like salted caramel, oreo, and nutella! :'(

If I remembered correctly, the coffee here costs IDR 40K and up. Sorry, I've got bad memory and forgot to write down the price..my bad!

Yes, I got this in a coffee shop, laugh all you want! We'll see who gets the last laugh when you see how yummy this is! Though it's official that they must've put sugar in this unlike the juices I've had at home!

A good snack though nothing really special about it. Hey, I like to snack on something while I enjoy my coffee afternoon!

This is probably the most popular spot in town right now. I mean, where else can you find a good 24 hours coffee shop with awesome interiors? You can tell us about it if you do know tho..lol!

Lucky Cat Coffee & Kitchen
Pasar Festival, South Parking area
Jl. H.R. Rasuna Said Kav. C/22
Kuningan, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 24 Hours

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