22 July 2016


So psyched that this cheese rolled ribs has finally landed in Jakarta!! After only having to drool from pictures that people from overseas uploaded on Instagram, either in Korea, Japan, or Thai, now my own beloved country has finally got one of these! Exact location is near Shirokuma in Kota Kasablanka and it's called Ojju, which is from GF Culinary, the same group as Marutama Ramen, Fish n Co, and Song Fa!

Came on weekdays to skip on those crowded days, since I saw how this place is on weekends in one of my friend's Instagram post and it was hellish! High chance is because this is the only place that has cheese wrapped ribs in Jakarta, plus it's new!

Very Korean styled decoration! You could easily guess that it's a Korean cuisine just by looking at the interior!

Portable stove on each table, since their main dish is the Budae Jjigae and rolling cheese, which both will make use of the stove. Other dishes like bento and banchan are also available though!

They have 5 banchan and my favorite is the kimchi. Tastes pretty close to the kimchi I've tasted in Korea. The sourness and spiciness is just perfect!

Though this usually includes in the banchan, it's not so here but because I love this, I went and ordered it! Pretty simple, just steamed eggs, yet it taste delicious! They did a pretty good job with this!

Careful! It's very hot and with the hotpot, it'll take quite some time before cooling down!

So this is their signature, the Rolling Cheese! You can choose beef ribs, chicken wings, or fried rice to go with the cheese, though only the chicken wings and beef ribs gets complimentary cheese, pickle and corn. For the fried rice, you'd need to get an additional cheese!

Writings said it's meant for 2-3 people but I'd say 2 is enough, since there's only 4 pieces of ribs. It'd only be fair if each gets 2 pieces, right? Lol!

The cheese melting process takes quite some time, since I guess it's so that it'll melt perfectly and evenly without burning the bottom layer. Do be patient, perfection needs time!

Ta-dah!! Best part would definitely be when you rolled the cheese onto the ribs! Doesn't that look super tempting?

They'd roll the ribs one by one and place it on our plates. Upon served you need to immediately dig in or else the cheese will freeze up again and when it does, it'd be quite hard to chew!

Pretty huge ribs with lots of meat and seasoned perfectly, what more can you ask? :p You can also choose your level of spiciness, of course I went with mild..lol! I personally think the seasoning is very Indonesian because of how strong it is, so I guess it's not that authentic? Doesn't Korean has milder flavor? The cheese is pretty bland though, since it's a mozzarella, which made everything balanced!

You'll get these fries on the side and even though these are just sides, it's still hell'a good! Especially dipped into the cheese, yum!


They're going to cook the fried rice on the same pan as the ribs and we guessed that there'll be leftover cheese, so we didn't need to get the additional cheese. We added ebiko instead, which cost IDR 19K!

It's a kimchi fried rice, Korean's signature fried rice!

Look at those cheese!! :3

After they flatten the whole thing, a heart shape hole is made on the middle to add the egg, which is already included when you get the fried rice!

Kimchi fried rice with a heart shaped egg, cute!

When it's done, you can choose to leave the stove on but I choose not to, since it's too hot for me!

To me, the fried rice is too bland even when it looks as if there's a lot of flavor, right? It's to the point I had to ask for soy sauce but I guess that's because I like strong flavors whereas authentic Korean foods are not as strong flavored!

Who else is as excited as me upon seeing this cheese rolled ribs opening in Jakarta? What are you waiting for then? I'd highly recommend getting the beef ribs, cause that's like the highlight of this place!

Mall Kota Kasablanka
UG Floor, #FSU 35
Jalan Casablaca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan

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