31 July 2016


So we're gonna get drunk today! Lol! Just kidding~ We're back to this place called Red & Co and if you didn't catch it the last time, it's located at Plaza Indonesia. Have you ever heard of Red Tomato? Well, we didn't tell you before but it's actually the same place with some slight upgrades and name changing for a new image. The change is not exactly new but since people don't usually look for a restaurant in a liquor shop, they had a slight problem getting the word out. Who would ever pass this place and think that this is a restaurant? Not me!

Yeah..can't really say much about the interior other than it's literally a liquor shop. The typical liquor shop you'd find anywhere..lol! Maybe you'll find something you like?

The reason we're back here is because they have these new menus coming up! What you see here might not be all new but some you might not have seen it before! Enjoy!

Delicious simple pizza topped with fresh mushrooms, chopped beef bacon and mozzarella cheese.

Pretty simple yet delicious! It's thin crispy pizza will leave you wanting more and Cream Funghi here is their favorite pizza here. Mushrooms, bacon, and mozzarella, yeah, I can really understand why people will love this!

Roasted stuffed chicken with portabello mushroom, horenzo, parmesan on choron sauce. Served with mashed potato and Caesar salad.

A super tender chicken with super salty stuffing, put on top of perfect textured mashed potatoes and accompanied with superb sauce! As long as it's salty, I think it won't be that far from good!

Why did I say the mashed potatoes has perfect texture? Well, it's because this isn't the usual mushy mashed potatoes but you can still bite into it, yet is also smooth at the same time!

Pasta with homemade oyster chili sauce, squids and shrimps topped with katsuobushi.

If you love seafood than this is gonna be your perfect soul mate! It's called dancing pasta because of the katsuobushi on top, like those you see on top of takoyaki! Love how they are so bold with the seafood but you won't get overwhelmed with those annoying fishy smells!

Spaghetti's also perfectly al dente!

Fried rice with dice pork belly, egg, crackers, pickle and sambal ijo on the side.

Do I really need to say more? It's pork! Okay, so we did expect it to be good but we didn't expect this to be this good! For me this portion is just right and though you might think this is overpriced, I think it's worth it!

They're super generous with the pork belly and love how everything is salty! Don't forget to eat it with that green chili sauce! Egg yolk is also on point!

Chinese poached chicken served with Hainan rice, chili, and soy sauce.

Even they're Hainam rice is good! Nice fragrant rice with juicy chicken, this is why we love Asian foods! Though I don't like my food too spicy, this chili sauce is just something I can't live without, you have to dip the chicken into this to get that Asian sensation..lol!

Look at these beauties!

It's not gonna be worth your time to come and try it! Foods here are actually pretty good, which is really a pity that they don't get that much exposure as they supposed to! Maybe the place is not really a place you'd bring your family to but how about coming here with friends? I bet if they don't know about this place, you could play a good trick on them..lol!

Red & Co.
Plaza Indonesia
LG Floor, Unit LB #61
Jl. M.H. Thamrin Kav. 28 - 30
Jakarta 10350


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