26 August 2016


Calling all unagi lovers! This is a spot for you! An unagi specialist restaurant has arrived in town, located at Plaza Senayan, in the corner near Zara and it's called Unacho!

Unagi is the type of food that either you love it or you hate it, since it's literally an eel, some find it weird to eat. Since we're the type that loves unagi, to us this tastes amazing!

Interior's pretty simple, not the luxurious type and also not the ornaments type, just a spacious simple room. What I love is that the restaurant is pretty deserted when I came! Not saying that it taste bad, but I guess like I said, not anyone likes unagi but if you do like unagi, you'll love it here!

This is their complimentary. It's something made out of salmon and grated radish? Don't really know what it is but there's salmon in there! Taste kinda weird but I guess it's still okay-ish, cause of the salmon!

Special sushi roll topped with unagi and egg.

Yes, unagi costs a fortune people, so don't be surprise if the price of the foods here is middle high. This one's yummy, well it's like an unagi roll but the unagi is cooked perfectly! Fyi, it's not the crispy type, kay?

Slice grilled beef steak served with grated radish and homemade ponzu sauce on top.

We can choose how the beef is cooked and of course, we went with medium well! It's good, a bit salty and sour because of the radish and ponzu. Though I don't think many will like the sauce but if you love it then you'll really love it!

Charcoal grilled eel glazed with homemade unagi sauce.

This'll definitely fulfill you're unagi craving..lol! Though I think it's too much to eat alone, so it's best to share, since this is really a  lot of unagi!

If only the unagi here is crispy like in Lindung Cah Fumak..lol! I bet it's gonna be good!

Usually in other place, beef bowls would cost IDR 100K++ but I guess because this is an unagi restaurant, the price of the beef is set to be way cheaper than the unagi!

Generous amount of beef that made IDR 88K really worth it compared to the unagi that cost IDR 150K++..lol!

It might not look much but I think it's just the right amount for 1 person!

Deep fried marinated chicken with egg tartar sauce.

Pretty much like a chicken namban, just with karaage! Never knew karaage with tartar sauce would taste this good!

We liked the foods here, thankfully, or else we'd be pretty upset if the food that they dare to sell that pricey turns out to taste bad! Some of my friends thought it was ordinary though, so I guess when it comes to taste, it differs to each person!

Plaza Senayan Mall unit #201
Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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