30 September 2016


So I decided to share about this because of the high demand, which made me realize that this city attracts a lot of attention from my Instagram and Snapchat follower! XD Here it is, my 1 day in Malacca, enjoy!!

A beautiful city in Malay and I came here using a bus from Kuala Lumpur from KL Central to Malacca, approximately it costs RM 14,40, super cheap! From the terminal Malacca, you need to take other transportation to get to this city, don't worry, it'll only cost RM 2!

You can either buy the ticket on the spot or from the website for a safer choice. It's cheaper if you buy it from the website. when I buy it on the spot, it costs RM 24. From KL to Melaka takes about 1,5 to 2 hours, almost like Jakarta to Bandung!

The bus will stop here, which is like Malay version of Kota Tua. You'll find a lot of photo spots, street vendors, and even fully decorated 'becak' with music..lol! I guess this is their main recreational spot because this is the only crowded spot. This is the most iconic place!

Even I didn't expect Malacca to be this beautiful and exciting, since when I told others that I was going, people will usually say that it's just similar to Penang, a place for a medical check up..lol!

Turns out I REALLY enjoyed my visit to Malacca and regret just visiting the place for 1 day. I even prefer Malacca than KL. This city might be smaller but there's more interesting spots that I can explore from food too culture, plus this city is already considered a tourist spot, so there's a lot of tourist necessities. With all the shops around the street, you won't be able to stop exploring! Here's some photo spots that I found!

Can you believe that I found those just from an alley on the street? I'm deeply in love with this city, even though it's roamed by tourist, they could still maintain they're cleanliness!

Here's some popular walls that people will always take a shot of in Malacca. The mural is made by Kiehl's, a brand of skin care products!

This place is filled with people, so be ready to queue for a photo, even with the scorching heat, people are still willing to roam about!

Ta-dah! Here is a popular cafe that has attracted a lot of tourist. It's on the road to the guest house, located at the end of Jonker street, across from H&M and don't worry, the H&M here is pretty big, so it's easy to locate! Look at those line and it's literally never ending! Even though it's hot and there's no roof to cover the place, people are still willing and that really made me curious!

This is the foods. They make the rice into rice balls with sesame flavor and there's only boiled chicken. I can really see why people are willing to queue a long line for this, it's good!

This is also located at Jonker street and a must have item in Malacca! The cendol here is different from Jakarta, here they use shredded ice and brown sugar that's not too sweet and the durian here is not actual durian but a jam. Still it's super yummy tho, especially eaten in this heat!

Don't know what it's called but there're this 2 names in this place. Also at Jonker street and it closes in the evening, so you better hurry up before you regret it! They also have Nasi Lemak, Laksa, and more Es Cendol but I just tried the Special Jumbo Asam Laksa that costs RM 10,50! It really is jumbo, enough to fulfill 2 people, so if you don't want to be overwhelmed, I recommend to eat this with 3 people. They uses self-service system, so you need to order and pay at the cashier, then bring your own food to the table, like in a fast food restaurant!

The signage here is colored red, so it's pretty easy to spot. Located near Kedai Kopi Chung Wah that I told you about and it's also similar to them, only with more variation. There's different types of pork, meatball, and hainam rice with 2 size choices. Fyi, the small size is already enough for 2 people!

When coming to Malacca, you just have to try their Chicken Rice Ball, Cendol Durian, and Asam Laksa. That's the 3 must have items!

Went to this place below on foot and you can actually explore the whole place on foot if you're not lazy. If you are, then you can ride the becak! This is the spot to ride a boat on this river!

This Muzium is shaped like a cruise and you need to pay to go in but I didn't, just took some photos outside of the museum!

This is it, Jonker Street!! This is the street filled with street shops, like a night market, you can literally find anything here with a cheap price! It's only open from Friday to Sunday and at night. The end of this street is the place with the big H&M I told you before!

Coconut Shake for RM 4, it's coconut ice cream on top of a milkshake. Super good!

Pineapple Pie a.k.a. Nastar..lol!

Watermelon Juice that costs RM 10, so this is a whole watermelon but the blended only the inside of the fruit, cool!

Here's their street food and let me tell you, this street is filled with foods! Whoop whoop!

See! You can find almost anything from foods to knick knacks! This below is the first spot, there're less people at night because most of them are at Jonker Steet..lol!

At night the becak will look much more decorated! XD

The ambiance between night and day is super different and I love both! No matter the time, this city never sleeps!

Coincidentally came here at a festival, so the boats are closed for public..too bad!

To me, a day here is not really enough but it really depends on our needs. 1 day here and I already explore like ¾ of the place and the must have foods, so I guess I'm satisfied enough, though my feet feels super sore afterwards..lol! See you soon Malacca!

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