30 September 2016


Still in Thailand here..lol! Yeap, it's another famous tourist spot, Chocolate Ville! This time it's at night, actually this place looks pretty both at night and day but they only open from 4 PM or something. We planned to catch the daylight of this place but it's just way too far and with the traffic jam, we couldn't make it! :'(

This place is somewhat retro themed and like Santorini, it's a place that'll make you go narcissistic! It's made to look like a city near a harbor, though I don't really know if we could ride the boat or not. :P

Another Lulabyspoon shot at our most favorite spot! This little wonderland spot is just super pretty, right?

There's a lot of this make believe restaurants and shops that we almost confuse it with a real restaurant! XD

Fool you're friends into thinking that you're in London by taking a shot here! Haha, no need to go to London!

We decided to have dinner at one of the restaurants here, though we deeply apologize cause we don't know the name of the restaurant. We just went into a random restaurant!

Immediately went with this almost right after skimming the menu..lol! No matter where we go, pork is always a good idea! Though we didn't really expect much, since this is just a random restaurant we went to, turns out it's really good! Don't know if the euphoria of a vacation had anything to do with it or not but we really loved it, maybe because it's pork!

The meat is super tender and it's covered with generous amount of delicious bbq sauce!

Next up is another pork dish! This super huge pork knuckle! Upon reaching our table, 1 thing came up on our mind..how the heck do we eat this? XD Don't worry though, cause you can ask the waiter to cut it up!

Here is the cut up version. Taste awesome, tender too! You better try dipping it into the sauce for a different taste, cause the sauce is what made this very Thai-ish..lol!

This is how we enjoyed our night, with alcohol! Are you an elegant wine person?

Or a fun beer person?

Told ya' this is our favorite spot! Here's another shot of it! :D

The experience we got from Thailand is that the city is very similar to Jakarta with better public transport! There's BTS, tuktuk, taksis, and mini vans. What you do need to be aware of is that not many of their workers could speak other language other than Thai, so that is the main difficulty that we often meet. Good thing we have a friend, who has a friend that could speak Thai..lol! We're totally indebted to that person..thank you! You know who you are!


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