29 September 2016


Do you guys remember that we blogged about this place in 2014? It was the Gyu Kaku at Plaza Indonesia and now they have launched yet another branch in the newly opened mall Neo Soho! Wohoo! Another difference is that this one offers both an all you can eat and a la carte system. We went here to try their all you can eat, since we already tried the a la carte before!

Unlike the one at PI, the interior here is more open whereas at PI is more private with many dividers. Here it's like any other restaurants, just a big square room, though the lighting is still dark!

For the buffet, they have the standard and premium and we went with the premium. You can find the prices at the bottom of this post!

Okay, because I'm not a meat expert I really don't know which one is which but all I know is that I ordered mostly that has the word wagyu in it. I'll let you know the names of the ones that I recognize but other than that, just go for the wagyu..lol!

There's really nothing to complain about from their meats and I'd suggest asking for their melted cheese sauce to go with literally everything! :D

Other than just usual meat, they also have some different seasoned ones like this Negi Karubi!

Instructions on how to cook it is to grill the meat first then put the spring onion and squeeze some lemon juice on top of it. By the way, see that yellowy sauce on the side, that's the melted cheese, so you need to put the cheese on the heat to melt it yourself. Neat!

Other than meat, we also tried this Soft Shell Crab with Enoki Mushroon, which is okay but we still prefer the meat. Well, duh!

Chicken Karaage is a must have side dish, so here it is. It's good tho, especially eaten with the cheese sauce!

Here's one of the highlight Gyu Kaki, this super Thick Beef Tongue! Even though it's thick, it's still super tender. Yum!

The cheese sauce actually came from this dish, Basil Chicken with Cheese, though I can't really taste the basil, especially if eaten with cheese, since the cheese is pretty overpowering!

Onto the dessert, my 2 most fave is definitely this Gyu Kaku Ice Cream, which is a vanilla ice cream but it's not just any vanilla ice cream, it's ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce!

Next is this super silky Milk Pudding and they use the same caramel sauce on this one as well! It's really recommended and don't worry, I bet you can still eat this even with a full stomach seeing how silky this is!

When it comes to all you can eat, I guess Gyu Kaku definitely made it to my top list! I can't wait to come back again! Especially now that it's opened near our homes!

Gyu Kaku
Neo SOHO Mall
1st Floor
Letjen. S. Parman, Tanjung Duren
Jakarta Barat
021-29704981 ext:763

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

Buffet Price :

Chicken Buffet :
Adult : IDR 158K
Child / Senior : IDR 98K

Selected Beef Buffet :
Adult : IDR 198K
Child / Senior : IDR 128K

Standard Beef Buffet :
Adult : IDR 278K
Child / Senior : IDR 198K

Premium Beef Buffet :
Adult : IDR 398K
Child / Senior : IDR 298K


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