29 September 2016


While hanging out at Gandaria City with some friends, we came across this interesting spot called Hoolala Chicken located in front of Fook Yew. It used to be Thai Alley but I guess it's replaced with this now. Don't really know if this is a franchise or something and have never heard of the name as well but it piques my curiosity!

Obviously their main dishes are chicken and I guess it's similar to Chir Chir. The portion here are also quite big, the difference with Chir Chir is that here, you can choose 2 sizes; 1 is a medium and the other is a family pack. There're also more variations of the chicken; fried, cheesed, etc, etc, all those Korean types of cuisine!

When I came here, there aren't that many customers, so the service is superb and fast!

The interior isn't changed that much, so the smoking room is still at the back near the glass windows. It's a bit warmer there tho, good thing I don't smoke!

I think that this is a more hang out kind of place, like snacking on chicken accompanied with beer kind!

A complimentary popcorn? Don't mind if I do! They're definitely generous with the popcorn, so don't be shy to ask for seconds..lol! Fyi, it's a sugary type of popcorn and not buttery but it's still good!

If you order the Charcoal Chicken, you'll get this salad on the side!

Here's their best seller and I can definitely understand why! It's the most tempting dish on the menu, plus it's cheese!! They said it's plenty for 2 but enough for 3, yet I think it's enough for more than 3..just look at the size of it!

There's a fire to keep the cheese from freezing up but still, it needs to be rolled into the chicken right away or else it'll be to hard to do!

The chicken has a really strong taste of bbq. You can choose 5 different types of sauce and I chose the sweet bbq one!

See! Even the medium size is plenty! There's like 5 to 6 pieces of chicken and it's super yummy! Though the cheese is just powdered flavoring, it made this to be light and still taste good. There's also tteokbokki in this and it taste like Indonesian's cireng..lol!

This one only has 1 size and it's a super sized! So in this is 2 rice balls, which smells divine, and a super huge octopus with potato wedges and chicken bbq on the side. Man is that a mouthful!

I rarely see restaurants in Jakarta that sells this kind of octopus, usually it's just from social media of restaurant overseas, like Spain!

You can choose 2 flavors for the chicken bbq and I went with garlic and red hot bbq, which are both good and there's plenty of chicken in this dish!

That green onion is what made this dish smells so good! It's a definite must try item here!

I recommend asking the staff to cut the octopus into small pieces cause it's a bit too chewy..so chewy that I got tired of chewing it..lol! Tastes great tho! :p

Love all the dishes I ordered and how the portion is very fulfilling but I think it's way better to eat this with a bunch of people, so that you'd get to try various items on the menu. They have so many variations here, there's yakitori and those cheese chicken like in Ojju and even cheese fried rice, so if you're anything like me, I bet you'll want to try'em all!

Can't help but loving the cute logo! Very nice job on creating an image of a chicken with the word Hoolala! Can you see it? The H as the neck, OOA as the body and LL as the feet..cute, right?

Hoolala Chicken Cafe
Mall Gandaria City
Main Street Ground Floor
M - G 22, South Gate
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Jakarta Selatan 12240

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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