27 September 2016


If you're a fan of Korean foods, then you might be familiar with this place called Mr. Park. Either that or you often visit Grand Indonesia's food court..lol! This here is also called Mr. Park but the one at Grand Indonesia is more of its casual dining, like BornGa Express!

This one however is different. Located in SCBD, near Foundry 8, it's more of a Korean grill type of restaurant!

When I came here, all I could see was Koreans, most of them are uncles and aunties though. The whole place is an okay to smoke but don't worry, the grilling smoke outshines the cigarettes! XD

Service here is superb! How I love their culture of treating a guess, it feels really sincere! We should definitely learn a thing or two from them!

As always, Korean grills are filled with banchan!

And as always I love their Pajeon! For those who don't know, its like an egg pancake with various toppings, whereas they use prawn here!

Doesn't this look super tempting? Well, it's as good as it looks people! The glass noodle is exactly how Korean glass noodle is supposed to be like. It has that perfect chewy texture!

You can choose what meat to use and of course I chose pork!

I was honestly disappointed with this because of how watery the soup is! As a lover of strong flavors, this is a big no for me, especially since usually Sundubu Jjigae has quite a bold flavor!

Nothing to complain about the toppings, well it's the typical seafood. I also tried the Kimchi soup and it was way stronger than this! Fyi, this also comes with rice!

If you think this is too much, you can also order per 100gr and it cost IDR 50K. Bossam is literally a boiled pork belly, so you don't need to grill it. Texture is pretty chewy, since most of it is fat. A total guilty pleasure!

Personally think that the skin is a bit too hard, whereas the fat is chewy. There's kimchi in the middle and I love how the kimchi here is very well marinated!


If you feel that this is undercooked because of the chewy texture, you can grill it again but I prefer not to. Taste a lot better for me!

The price is similar to Chung Gi Wa for the pork belly, right? Was pretty disappointed by this tho, it's tasteless, so you need to spice it up yourself. I don't think this is marinated at all, guess it's just pure meat!

Here's the beef one and this one is already marinated, so you don't need to dip it into anything and it already taste great! The marination is very light but I think it's good enough!

Nyam! :3

Well..don't really know whether I'll come back, some are awesome, some are just ordinary. I guess I'd come back but only for that Bossam! Lol! Not many Korean restaurant in Jakarta has that, right? If you know some that has it, please let us know by commenting below, kay? Thanks and have a nice day!

Mr. Park Korean BBQ Grill
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav 52-53
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Kawasan SCBD Sudirman Lot 6 (Foundry 8)
021-51401142 / +62811840284

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00am - 02:00am

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