27 September 2016


This is a super popular spot when we were in highschool! It's called Negev and there were plenty of photos taken at that signature Negev sign. Don't really know how it became such a hit that we even went to try it with our friends! When we came here years ago, it used to serve mostly western foods, like steaks and pastas. Honestly, it was nothing special. If I remember correctly, this is also owned by a celebrity making it more popular, especially since it's located next to Blowfish!

Now, after becoming a food blogger, we were invited to try their healthy menu. They wanted to introduce some of their light and healthy set menus made by their Executive Chef Dody Jie. We were divided into different decorated tables and I think ours was the prettiest! XD

Not only the decorations that are different but also the set menus, though I don't know what set menus the other tables had, since I just stayed at my own table!

The first appetizer was this somewhat Vietnamese kind of spring roll. I bet you've tasted something similar, it's prawn wrapped in soft dough and comes with a sauce!

The sauce is spicy and sour. True to its theme, this is very light!

Next up in the appetizer zone is this. Basically it's tom yum soup filled with those usual types of seafood, meaning prawn, squid, clam, etc!

Going to the main course! This is the first time I tried something like this (the reason we love our job, you get to try something different everyday!). The steak is rolled up and filled with veggies. Tastes pretty good, though it looks weird..lol! Anyways, love the flower ornament, don't know if it's edible or not tho!

Last on this set is this super healthy dessert! It's whole meal crispy toast with high fiber and they used kaya that is made with low fat milk. It's good but as usual, the unhealthy ones will taste better than healthy ones..lol!

Now that we're done with the set menus, there's still 1 last dish that we just can't miss! It's their signature salmon and it's a must have if you dine at Negev!

Deep fired salmon with fried rice ball(?) Lol! Below this is a sauce made from tempeh or something, I personally don't like it but I guess it's okay, since it's still taste good anyway!

It's somewhat impressive that they managed to survive this long, since not many restaurant could survive long nowadays. Keep up the good work and good luck!

Negev Gastronomy & Art
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta Selatan
City Plaza Building, GF Floor
(021) 52971333

Opening Hours:
Everyday: 11:00am - 11:pm


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  1. The eccentric presentation was a hit among the kids. The luscious concoction was perfect enough for the adults.