30 September 2016


Hello Muara Karang! Hello Samyang Lovers! Yeap, this is a post for those people, it's a newly opened ramyeon house at Muara Karang called Raffe Ramyeon. Still freshly opened, like a week or 2 and I immediately knew about this place because my friend is the interior designer for the place!

Located at Muara Karang Raya road, making it pretty easy to find. More specifically it's right next to Sky Restaurant, at the left side of the road. It's still pretty easy cause I didn't even need to use GPS!

The design's pretty simple with wooden furniture and everything, plus it looks super neat and clean, maybe because they're new?

Be aware that the place isn't that spacious, so your conversation could be heard by others in the room! Good thing I came when there's not much people, maybe because not many have heard of the place?

Another addition as to why I'm interested to try this is their opening promo, which is a 50% discount on all foods! Lol!

Their menu is only these below but I guess it's understandable, since they've just opened. Really love their menu design, the one behind these drawings is super talented!

Pork filled goodness! They have the chicken one tho, but where's the fun in that..lol! What I love about this is just because it's not oily!

Actually, you only get the noodle, seaweed and spam, for the cheese IDR 5K, egg IDR 5K and sausage IDR 7K, you need to add on. Personally, I think this is quite pricey without the 50% discount, since the portion is also pretty small for IDR 60K. Hmm..what do you think?

Taste okay tho, the level of spiciness is also still bearable for me. The only problem is the beansprout, which I think is a bit undercooked making it smelling like plants..lol!

Impressed by the texture of the ramyeon, cause it's really al dente!

For this one, we didn't add any more toppings. The menu is already filled with these toppings. I didn't quite like this one cause the noodle is way overcooked and the sauce is too thick, it's like eating uncooked dough and the tteoppoki is not chewy at all!

What you get for this menu is only chicken, so I added egg, sausage, and spam. Now this one here is for those who likes spicy foods! It's almost as spicy as samyang, you know? That popular super spicy ramyeon. Might not that be as spicy as that but the taste is definitely similar!

At least this one is not slimy like the last one, so I could still finish it, though the spicy is way too much for me!

Well, at least I'm thankful that I got to try it while it's still on 50% discount cause for me, this is a bit overpriced. Sorry to say but I think the taste and portion isn't worth the price or is this just bad luck? Well, I don't know but if this is how they are, then they need to really improve! Good luck then!

Raffe Ramyeon House
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No. 85
Muara Karang, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara



  1. beberapa bulan yang lalu saya udah ngerencanain mau ke muara karang. banyak banget redtoran sama kafe kafe lucu yang pengen di datengin. eh tiba tiba keundur-ubdur sampa akhirnya udah harus balik ke bandung lagi :( next time i went home, this baby is in my list if i went to muara karang!
    btw, iblogged about indonesian food too in https://andietafoodjourney.wordpress.com/2016/10/15/indonesian-food-fun-fact-2-bacang-kwecang-and-caicang/ :D

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