31 October 2016


Okay, who's ready for yet another all you can eat feast? This time it's called Kintan Buffet and located at Puri Indah Mall, my old times favorite mall! Concept wise is similar to Gyu-Kaku, but Kintan is from the same group as my favorite, Shaburi. Here you can also get your own food on the buffet stall in the middle of the room like in Shaburi!


Do you guys remember our post about Coffee Lounge? Well, this is from the same owner, Rebecca, so it's no wonder that the interior is similar. That classy grey hue-ish type and this new restaurant is named Akatama Sushi, located at PIK Avenue Mall, near Starbucks!


Back again to Hurricane's Grill that first opened in Indonesia at Senopati but this time we went to their 2nd branch at Noble House, Kuningan! It's a new building, so it's not well known yet, even the lobby and parking lot is still half done when I came here. Exact location is at Kuningan's roundabout, it's on the GPS, so don't worry!

29 October 2016


Congrats for the opening of Attarine! News flash; Attarine here is from the same group as Potato Head. Came here at dinner time, since they'll only be open for lunch today at 29th October 2016! Be sure to go check them out now!

The foods here is a mix of Indonesian, Western, and Eastern. I guess you could say it's an all in one..lol! What I'm saying is that they literally mix those cuisine into a single dish and they're not playing around when it comes to spices!


Yo party people! Good news to all of you cause Lucy In The Sky has finished renovating! Heard the gossip about Lucy closing down because it got complaint a lot by people of the apartment nearby? Well, that's just a rumor cause the truth is that they're just renovating! Fyi, for those who don't know, Lucy here is located in SCBD area!

26 October 2016


Here's a mall that we don't visit often, it's Cilandak Town Square, also known as CiTos! The restaurant we went to here is something very Italian, known for their pizza and pasta. Located at their 1st floor, which is super easy to find seeing as CiTos only has 2 floors..lol! What's funny about this place is their name, Second Home, yeap, as you can guess, their concept is that they want to produce superb foods that customers would want to come back again and again, making the restaurant as if it's a second home to the customers!


Yet another new member has arrived at Pantai Indah Kapuk called Nokcha! Found this from Ivy and because I don't have any other idea of what to try at PIK, so Nokcha it is. Came here when they still have a soft opening promotion, which is 20%!

24 October 2016


Who's ready for yet another all you can eat shabu-shabu?? I know I am!
As we get older, health is becoming more of a concern, at least that's how it is for us and one of the things that affects your health is food, which is why we'd choose shabu-shabu for an all you can eat rather than grilled foods! Yes, you can consider shabu-shabu as a healthy yet enjoyable alternative!

23 October 2016


This isn't exactly a new restaurant as they already have an outlet at Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia but this is their first outlet that is not in a mall. It's called Beau and I think that you're all familiar with this, their new branch is at Cikajang road in Senopati area. More specifically across of Mister Sunday and Cut The Crab. For those who aren't familiar with the place, this is a patisserie where you can enjoy delicious pastries made by Talita Setyadi, which is also the owner by the way!

19 October 2016


Who's ready for a new wave in town?? Already got tired of the coffee hype? Now we're gonna get into a new one and it's something that is loved for all ages, it's hot chocolate!! Who doesn't love a good thick hot cocoa? This group of buddies who loves Max Brenner has come together to bring the chocolate culture to our own J-town and it's starts here at Kakolait!