23 October 2016


This isn't exactly a new restaurant as they already have an outlet at Grand Indonesia and Plaza Indonesia but this is their first outlet that is not in a mall. It's called Beau and I think that you're all familiar with this, their new branch is at Cikajang road in Senopati area. More specifically across of Mister Sunday and Cut The Crab. For those who aren't familiar with the place, this is a patisserie where you can enjoy delicious pastries made by Talita Setyadi, which is also the owner by the way!

The place is super minimalist and in tune with nature with similar concept as Mimiti, that coffee shop in Bandung. Wood, stones and that outdoor space bigger than the indoor, all so fabulous!

Just makes you wanna do a photoshoot here, doesn't it?

Honestly though, in daylight this is scorching hot if you decided to sit outdoors! Might not be in direct contact with sunlight but it's still super hot. We were sweating like crazy even when we did nothing but eat!

Since the cashier and pastries are indoors, we went inside to order them and the moment we stepped into the indoors, it felt like we flew to the heaven from hell..lol! Didn't ever want to go back out there!

You can also get all these baked goods, just order them and they will be delivered to your table. Everything just looks so lovely that we didn't know what to get! We want them all!!

Didn't know why there's a size for a cup of cappuccino but oh well!

Isn't this just the cutest? Such unique creation, a muffin and croissant merged together! Love the texture and inside it is overflowing with salted caramel! From the top to the end of this is filled with the caramel but it's just too bad that it has a bitter aftertaste. You won't notice it in the beginning tho!

It's good, just like any other good almond croissant that you can find! After the cruffin this is just isn't that exciting, huh? :p

If 3 is too many for you, you can always get each for IDR 40K!

This actually taste superb but it's just too healthy for me..lol! Doesn't make sense, huh? But what I meant is that it does not taste strong enough to suit my taste. 2 choices of breads, the rugbrod (dark rye bread) or brioche. We got the rye bread but didn't quite like it! The texture is indescribable..sort of dry yet mushy at the same time, just imagine a tasteless banana bread..yeap!

3 varieties and this one is the Gravad Laks; smoked salmon, dill, yogurt, beet, radish and microgreens!

Here's Pork Salami with red onion, tomatoes, and garden greens!

And last but not least, Beef Pastrami; remoulade, cornichons, caramelized onion, poached egg, and crisp shallots. Out of all, this one is my favorite! 

I guess you could say that this one is my favorite because it's the least healthy..lol! The beef's delicious and just look at that yolk! Add some fried shallots and ta-dah, an unhealthy, healthy dish, refers to the no make up, make up look! xD

Guess this is a perfect place for either a meeting or a pretty brunch time with friends. Love the ambiance and because it's not that crowded yet, so it has this calming aura. The only thing we can't stand is the heat, so better get a table indoors instead!

Jl. Cikajang No. 29
Senopati, Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 07:00 am - 08:00 pm


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