19 October 2016


Who's ready for a new wave in town?? Already got tired of the coffee hype? Now we're gonna get into a new one and it's something that is loved for all ages, it's hot chocolate!! Who doesn't love a good thick hot cocoa? This group of buddies who loves Max Brenner has come together to bring the chocolate culture to our own J-town and it's starts here at Kakolait!

Located at Gading Serpong and pretty near Turning Point, like only few blocks away. Pretty small shop, just like Turning Point without the outdoor but it's still pretty! Can't imagine if the place is swarmed by people tho, I hope they open a 2nd floor soon..lol!

You can have either classic hot chocolate which only cost IDR 35K or spike up your hot choco with some crunchy chocolate balls or marshmallow for another IDR 10K. All I can say about this hot choco is that it's heavenly! You can have it milk or dark to your preference, I especially love the dark chocolate, with all it's bittersweet taste. A perfect balance to go with marshmallow or this crunchy chocolates!

Though this is a hot chocolate, I also liked how it gradually becomes thicker as it gets colder!

If you like the sweeter type, you can go for the milk chocolate and add marshmallow for sweetness all the way!

Since they completely understand that Jakarta is very warm..lol, they provided some refreshing alternative! Red, Yellow, and Green Granita is the perfect company for a hot day if you're in the mood for something light! For just IDR 25K you can get these colorful drinks!

My personal favorite is the Yellow Granita made out of passion fruit and mango because I love both fruits and it has a pretty balanced taste. I'd also go for the Red one for it's dragon fruit and lychee but I personally think that the lychee came out a bit too strong that it overpowered the dragon fruit, though in terms of color, the dragon fruit is totally on top!

For foods they only have some desserts that also have their awesome chocolates in it like this chocolate drizzled Belgian waffle! Milk or dark, it's your call. The waffle here is more like a cake rather than the fluffy and crispy chocolate, so it's more filling with some great toppings on the side! Though I prefer the crispy waffle, this is also good!

Better finish it quick before it gets cold though, cause the magic only works while it's still warm!


Always been my favorite dessert and this is a perfectly made lava cake! The melted chocolate is perfect and the cake is also moist. Yum!

Thank you Kakolait for starting this delicious culture! Now I know where to go if I ever craved for that perfect cup of chocolate! I hope this culture will spread through Jakarta fast! xD

Jalan Ki Hajar Dewantara
Ruko Golden 8 Blok I
Gading Serpong, Tangerang 15810

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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