31 October 2016


Okay, who's ready for yet another all you can eat feast? This time it's called Kintan Buffet and located at Puri Indah Mall, my old times favorite mall! Concept wise is similar to Gyu-Kaku, but Kintan is from the same group as my favorite, Shaburi. Here you can also get your own food on the buffet stall in the middle of the room like in Shaburi!

Pretty psyched cause my favorite mall is slowly improving, from only having Hanamasa as their all you can eat restaurant, to Shaburi and now, Kintan! Yeah! Kintan is not exactly new, since they already have another branch in Emporium. This one is located right next to Glosis!

See! It looks kinda like Shaburi, right? Well, if you want to know what foods there are here in the buffet stall, keep on reading 'till the end!

Since it's new, the place is still super clean and neat!

It's also pretty spacey towards the back. Somewhat as big as the Pizza Hut here!

Condiment rack where you can create your own personal taste can be found in the buffet stall!

Salad bar anyone?

Is this Korean's Pajeon? Looks very similar to it!

This one's similar to Indonesian's Nasi Kebuli!

All of this is included in the all you can eat, so go wild everyone!

This corn and enoki is to be put onto the grill with the foil bowl, just leave it 'till it's cooked. Don't worry, the foil won't burn!

Here are some fried foods; fried veggies, cassava, potatoes, and karage. Yes, the karage you'd find at Shaburi!

Honestly, I don't really like the foods in the buffet stall cause it's already cold and tastes average. Like those hotel breakfast buffet..lol!

Now, what you're all been waiting for! MEAT!
So Kintan here has 4 choices of buffet set; Regular, Kintan, Premium Kintan, and Special Wagyu. Prices can be found at the bottom of this post! Well, you all are probably familiar with the system already, right? The more expensive, the more choices. We got the Kintan Buffet and to me, there's already a bunch of choices of meat, 18 items to be exact!

For the chicken there are 4 flavors; teriyaki, garlic, cheese curry, and double pepper. My favorite is the cheese curry, it's cheese and curry, do I need to explain more? :P Like always, I'd get more beef than chicken and just a quick tip, it's better if you cut the chicken to pieces first before grilling it cause the chicken meat is pretty big and sometimes it won't get cooked evenly!

There's also lamb meat and I chose the garlic flavor, afraid that the lamb would smell. I was right tho, no matter what flavor, it still smells. That is why I'd prefer beef instead!

Bringing to you, Gyutan Negi Shio! Beef tongue with negi minchi, so it's not just any ordinary chives. How to cook it is you grill the meat 'till a half cooked, then put the chives on top. Eat it by rolling the meat to cover the chives. It's applicable to all meat, not just this gyutan!

Kintan Karubi, beef with the bone still attached and Yakishabu, beef with fat like the ones in Shaburi!

These 2 is my favorite! For the Kintan Karubi, the only complain is that it's pretty tricky to eat because of the bone but you can cut it with the scissors!

The sexy yakishabu!

For those who loves to eat their beef in medium, where the middle is still pink, this is the one for you! It's Dice Tender!

Meat party! Whoop whoop!

Buffet Price :
Regular Buffet : IDR 158,000++/pax
Kintan Buffet : IDR 238,000++/pax
Premium Kintan Buffet : IDR 338,000++/pax
Special Wagyu Buffet : IDR 458,000++/pax

Kintan Buffet
Puri Indah Mall
1st Floor
Jl. Puri Indah Raya
Jakarta Barat 11610

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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