26 October 2016


Here's a mall that we don't visit often, it's Cilandak Town Square, also known as CiTos! The restaurant we went to here is something very Italian, known for their pizza and pasta. Located at their 1st floor, which is super easy to find seeing as CiTos only has 2 floors..lol! What's funny about this place is their name, Second Home, yeap, as you can guess, their concept is that they want to produce superb foods that customers would want to come back again and again, making the restaurant as if it's a second home to the customers!

Owned as a family business, the people behind this place are mostly family, like their marketing division, though this person doesn't want to be recognized as the child of the owner!

Typical places in CiTos, the interior is made to suit a hang out place to have a meeting or just have a drink with friends more than a diner. At least that's what I feel, so it's usual to see the place filled with businessmen!

Can't really say this is a super luxurious place but not a shabby one either. Just your normal restaurant equipped with some fancy bar!

Love this cute bottle cap stool!

What the outdoor looks like and of course, this act as the smoking room as well. Well, thank goodness I don't smoke, cause this area is hot as hell!

Let's eat!!

PISA (D30 CM) IDR 278K
One of the best pizza I've ever had in my 23 years of age! Seriously, I'm not being over the top! Topped with smoked salmon and ikura that'll get you addicted! I guess this is more of a Japanese taste, huh? The name's Italian tho! :p

Besides the salmon, there're also pieces of shrimp, which is also delish and it's very light, so it won't make you feel guilty afterwards, even with the cheese!

Cream, mozzarella, shrimp, smoked salmon, and salmon ikura, all into 1 bite! Can you imagine it? Big YUMZ!

Well, I guess it's a bit pricey for a pizza but they uses wagyu beef steak for the meat, so it kinda justifies the price..lol! This is also good actually, just that you won't be as surprised with this one, since it's just like any other pizza, with its tomato sauce and such. The only unique element is the fries on top!

Just 1 slice of this will get you full with all it's carbs and it's pretty thick and huge, so you'll surely be satisfied!

Tastes very Italian authentic! Very home-cooked looking as well, with its no plating and such!

Like any other bolognese, this is very tomato and because I'm not a big fan of it, I think this is just average. Maybe to those who does like tomatoes, this might be heaven?

Basically an aglio olio with king prawn topping, hence the price, since usually aglio olio is supposed to be the cheapest one on the pasta menu!

Good thing the taste could match up with the price, so it's all good!

Nothing can ever go wrong with aglio olio for me! :3

This one also uses king prawn, though here they also added some alcohol and it's pretty strong, which you could probably tell from the first bite! If I remember correctly, they uses whisky for this!

The outer is somewhat similar to a pastel, an Indonesian traditional delicacies. A calzone is something you'd find in most Italian restaurant, though usually it's not on the dessert section, instead it's usually filled with cheese and bolognese!

You just HAVE to eat it while it's still hot because after it's cold, the dough will become hard and you won't be able to cut it! Don't expect the nutella to melt though, whether it's still hot or not!

Like any tiramisu that you can find anywhere, though I do like how the coffee here isn't as strong as usual tiramisu and that it has a little bit of sponge cake texture rather than just all cream!

Second Home
Cilandak Town Square
Ground Floor, Unit 012-016
Jl. TB Simatupang
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 09:00 am - 0:00 am
Friday - Saturday : 09:00 am - 02;00 am

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