24 October 2016


Who's ready for yet another all you can eat shabu-shabu?? I know I am!
As we get older, health is becoming more of a concern, at least that's how it is for us and one of the things that affects your health is food, which is why we'd choose shabu-shabu for an all you can eat rather than grilled foods! Yes, you can consider shabu-shabu as a healthy yet enjoyable alternative!

This time we decided to hit the newest mall in town, PIK Avenue and went for a place called Shabu Shabu On-Yasai. Not quite new, seeing as this is their 2nd (or maybe 3rd?) branch in Jakarta, their 1st is in Aeon Mall!

For the soup, you can choose either the original dashi, spicy, healthy chicken collagen, the sweet sukiyaki, or if you're a daring and adventurous person, then go for their new truffle flavor!

Why we said that shabu-shabu is a healthy choice is because not only is it an all you can eat veggies but also because most of everything is boiled, so there's a lot less oil involved!

Well, except for all these cheat foods..lol! But you can always skip them if you really want to move up on your healthy game! Drinks are also included in the buffet!

Did you know that they're from the same group as Gyu-kaku? Yeap, so being a chain that is also from Japan and the fact that it's still run by an actual Japanese, they wanted to introduce traditional dishes from the country, like these!

Interior's pretty simple with a touch of an amazing view of PIK area and that's all you really need, right?

Similar to Shaburi, they also have 4 packages to choose from; Standard Beef, On-Yasai Beef, Wagyu Beef, and Premium Wagyu Beef Package, see the bottom of this post for detailed prices!

You'd get beef and chicken in the Standard Beef Package, adding squid and shrimp in On-Yasai Beef Package, which is their recommended package!

I'd recommend getting the Wagyu Beef Package because you'll get an all you can eat salmon! Whoop whoop!

Be sure to wait for the soup to boil and then just dip in the beef for a couple of minutes to get the best taste and texture! Fyi, if you don't choose the premium package but wants to have a taste of the beefs from the other packages, don't worry, you can always order an additional! Go wild!

Buffet Price :
Standard Beef Package : IDR 158,000++/pax
On-Yasai Beef Package : IDR 228,000++/pax
Wagyu Beef Package : IDR 298,000++/pax
Premium Wagyu Beef Package : IDR 398,000++/pax

Shabu Shabu On-Yasai
PIK Avenue Mall
1st floor
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara


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