30 November 2016


Hey there fellow travelers and non-travelers..hehe. Actually, this is a travel that I did for more than a week in May and the destiny is NTT, Flores. Came here just for a vacation to escape the busy life of Jakarta! It's also one of the things that is in my bucket list this year cause I've been dying to visit and explore this beautiful place! Went here with Fun Adventure tour with a 6D5N package (6 days, 5 nights). The package already included sailing and Overland Flores. What's that you ask? Well, sailing is for all the water activities, like the boat you use to travel between islands for example, then we have overland, which is like you may have guess, it's the land activities, like exploring Labuan Bajo and Ende. At first, I was also blind about Flores, like is it an island or a city or whatever but after this adventure, I finally learnt a lot of things! That is the beauty of traveling, isn't it? So I want to share this little knowledge that I have to all you lovely readers out there!

Labuan Bajo here is like the city, it's like the Jakarta of Flores and Pulau Komodo is like the Pulau Seribu. You need to use a boat from the harbor to roam about them, whereas Ende is also another city, like Surabaya. Places like Wae Rebo and Kelimutu lake is actually in Ende, to get to Ende from Labuan Bajo, you can either go by plane or just by car, which will take about a day, so I recommend the plane if you have limited time!

From where I live, which is Jakarta, I went to Labuan Bajo by plane, which can either go directly or transit to Bali and there's not much difference on the price, probably about 3 million rupiahs for the two ways direct ticket! The tour usually starts early, around 9 am, so I decided to depart from Jakarta a day before the tour, which is on May 4th and the tour starts from May 5th - 10th!

A bit of warning that this will be a pretty long post with mostly pictures on it with me less talking, though I think it's contradicting what I'm doing now, but trust me, the more you scroll down the less you'll read me yapping! XD

Now, let's start this exciting adventure!


Welcome to this gorgeous hotel! I'm not kidding, I was literally in awe upon entering the place! It's not a super grand and luxurious hotel but more of a luxurious house. I guess that's they're concept, an expensive looking home sweet home, even the staffs are all super friendly unlike other hotel, where you need to be posh, polite and distant!

29 November 2016


Good evening from Grand Hyatt Jakarta! C's restaurant from Grand Hyatt has earned themselves a new chef called Chef Hugo Bertolini and we got to experience his cooking! He's here to introduce us his creations, which is C's restaurant's new menu and also some Christmas dishes! What a wonderful sign that Christmas is near! :)


Of course, if it's not PIK, it's Senopati. You can always count on them for some new dining spots! This time it's a cute restaurant called Gioi in Senopati! Exact location is right next to Cacaote (yet another post that has to do with Cacaote..lol!)

27 November 2016


Here's yet another new member of Pantai Indah Kapuk and we're super psyched to try it cause it's from the famous Cacaote! Well, since it's Cacaote, we definitely have quite an expectation, plus I like the funny name, Social Affair, sounds exciting..lol!

25 November 2016


Who's ready for a healthy lifestyle? Wait, let me rephrase that..who's in need of a healthy lifestyle? Lol! Being healthy has always been something that we have in our minds but always tolerated, though we know it's wrong. Which is why we're thankful for these kind of opportunities from these kind of restaurants! Here's SaladStop! that you'll find at Senayan City!


The newest Korean restaurant here, Koba! Though it's not exactly in Jakarta but in Living World, Alam Sutera. Exact location is near Nama Sushi at the lowest floor. A bit of a bummer that they don't serve pork here, making them a Halal restaurant but I guess that's okay. They said that they wanted to be a chain restaurant, so by including pork would be a bit of a risk, totally understandable!

22 November 2016


Newest member of Boga Group! A totally different style from other Boga Group members, so we're definitely excited to see what Boga Group has in store for us this time! There're grill, suki, and also a buffet, all within an affordable price. I bet you just can't wait to see what it is, let's start!

12 November 2016


Okay, so this is our 2nd review about Gia here, since the last time we went here was in 2015. How time flies, huh? Looking back at our last post about this, we realized how far we've come and improved! Can you see the different styles and angles? Lol! We do hope that we'd keep improving for the better and please do keep on supporting us! We appreciate each and every one of you! :D

05 November 2016


Sorry, didn't realize that this is yet another restaurant in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Yes, I guess PIK is in the season of new restaurants. This one's called Epoch and it's pretty eye-catching because of that giant clock drawing!