30 November 2016


Welcome to this gorgeous hotel! I'm not kidding, I was literally in awe upon entering the place! It's not a super grand and luxurious hotel but more of a luxurious house. I guess that's they're concept, an expensive looking home sweet home, even the staffs are all super friendly unlike other hotel, where you need to be posh, polite and distant!

The restaurant we went to is called Alto Restauran & Bar and the hotel is Four Seasons! While the lobby is pretty and mostly white colored, the restaurants is more edgy with black and red theme, a sexy combo!

Though this is still a fine dining fancy restaurant, the staffs are all pretty friendly and it's a place where you can just wear casual outfit and not be judged! Seriously, we need more hotels like this! The restaurant has a few divided rooms and one of them has this little bar in it!

An exquisite display of their wine cellar!

An utmost romantic corner here! By the way, this place is blessed with amazing city view, it's the perfect dinner date spot!

Now that they've taken you breathless with all those beautiful interior and view, let's get you filled up!

Beginning our dinner with either white or red wine is an awesome way to go!


Before our meals are served, these delicious complimentary rolls and canapes are served to tickle our taste buds! The onion rolls are the best fyi!

Burrata cheese, assorted cherry tomatoes, asparagus, balsamic caviar.

It looks gorgeous and appetizing, just too bad that I'm not a big fan of tomatoes..and even then, I was able to enjoy this! The white round thing there is the burrata cheese, which doesn't really taste like your ordinary cheese and it's sprinkled with this somewhat like rock-salt on it and it's super salty!

Foie gras ravioli, parmigiano cream sauce, olive powder.

My most favorite dish this evening! Yeap, you heard me right! I might not be a big fan of foie gras but this one doesn't have that grainy texture that I don't like and it's covered with yummy parmigiano cream sauce! How can I ever resist that? Be sure to be careful when biting into the middle part for the juice will just explode!

Pan fried Tasmanian salmon, caviar, carrot puree, lemon sauce.

We were given 2 choices of mains, this salmon and the lamb. Upon reading the description, I immediately decided on the salmon cause well, I love salmons and it sounds delicious. Well it does turns out good, though I'd prefer if the salmon was a bit more raw. Pour a generous amount of the lemon sauce and enjoy!

Braised lamb shank ossobuco, saffron risotto, garlic bread.

I never thought that this will overshadow the salmon. It's super tender and doesn't have that bad lamb smell at all! The saffron risotto is also on perfect point! I definitely wished I got this one instead..but the salmon is also good, so I guess I'm not entirely regret it!

Lemon mousse, almond sponge, meringue, candied basil.

Desserts are always what I look forward to the most and this one didn't let me down at all! Though I don't usually prefer lemon, this one is actually nice, since it's not overly tangy but leaning more to the sweet side. The almond sponge is definitely textured more of an almond rather than a sponge, which is great for it gives a great texture to balance out the super soft mousse! All of the tangy lemon is also balanced with the sweet meringue that looks like a chalk, cute!

The basil is also a great art, tho not many seem to like it. It's actually sweet, well as sweet as a candied basil can get, so it's like there's a layer of glaze over it but it still has that spice of the basil. Such a unique taste!

Well, it's definitely a comfortable place for couples, families, and even group of friends! When you want to go to somewhere fancy but still a bit casual then this will be perfect! Thank you for the beautiful meal Alto and Four Seasons hotel!

Alto Restauran & Bar
Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta
Capital Place Level 20
Jl. Jend. Gatot Subroto Kav. 18
Kuningan Barat, Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Bar : 05:00 pm - 00:00 am
Restaurant : 06:00 pm - 10:30 pm

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