22 November 2016


Newest member of Boga Group! A totally different style from other Boga Group members, so we're definitely excited to see what Boga Group has in store for us this time! There're grill, suki, and also a buffet, all within an affordable price. I bet you just can't wait to see what it is, let's start!

It's called Onokabe and it's located right across Flavor Bliss in Alam Sutera, so pretty easy to find. If you still got no idea where it is, just look it up on google maps. The whole place is pretty wide, both restaurant and parking lot, which is awesome!

Totally grateful for this amazing chance to try them before the grand opening at November 2nd 2016, thanks Boga Group! :D

Interior is pretty simple, just an ordinary qualified dining room. A buffet table and lots of seats enough to fit 100 people from what I see! Yeap, that's how big the place is!

Pretty impressed by their unique concept where they daringly offer more than 100 menu variations! Can you imagine? From our locals to international foods like American, Italian to Japanese, Korean, and Chinese! All kinds of food that you want! Well, maybe not all but definitely most!

Here below is some of their buffet dishes! There's Kampung Fried Rice, which is the brown colored one and Chinese Fried Rice, which is paler in color, and more!

The all time favorite local food, Telur Balado! I am amazed by their many varieties but I guess they're  more quantity rather than quality, seeing as the buffet dishes is kinda lacking for me. I personally think the rice is way to dry! Don't know if it's because it's too long in the open or because it's undercooked?

The spaghetti is also just plain tomato flavored..

The only dish I liked is this Pandan Chicken, as I think it's the most proper!

Another dish from the buffet is this Chawan Mushi! Too bad it's also a bit undercooked because it still has that raw egg smell!

Fried Food is also available. French fries, fried cassava, fried dumplings, and karaage. No complaints here!

Their dimsum choices, how cute!! These colorful cuties have 2 different fillings. The hedgehogs are filled with chocolate and the white round balls are filled with cheese!

Yes, as you can see, they have a lot of dessert choices! They're mostly traditional locals tho!

They also have my favorite local dessert, Lemper!

Yes!! Kambing Guling! My favorite and also the restaurant's because not only does it taste amazing but it's an ALL YOU CAN EAT!! Though I'm not usually a fan of lambs, this is actually good because it doesn't smell at all!

This is definitely something I don't see everyday..a Popcorn station at an all you can eat buffet but I guess that's what makes Onokabe unique? Lol! From the most common to the unexpected, it's all here. There's even a Cotton Candy here! Perfect place to bring your kids, eh?

Ice cream flavors; Durian, Vanilla, Rum Raisin, Choco chip, and Strawberry..and my favorite goes to; Rum Raisin! You can also make a make-believe beer float by combining it with pepsi..lol!

I guess that's all from the buffet, now we move on to the suki! There'll be this rail beside your table, nifty!

Again, the choices are endless! From meatballs to veggies, it's to the point that I don't know what to eat anymore! :D

Soup base choices are Chicken Collagen Broth, Beef Herb, Tom Yam Kung, Wild Mushroom, Szechuan Hot Boiling, Indonesian Soto, Balinese Betutu, and Miso Seaweed Soup, ain't that a lot of soup? Each table will get 1 pot for the suki but don't worry cause you can choose 2 soup bases. I'd suggest getting anything but the Chicken Collagen Broth because whatever soup you choose, it will be refilled with Chicken Collagen Broth once finished!

Not only the soup but the sauce is also plenty! The choices are all too many that I really don't know what to get, since I want to try them all!

After suki, we're going for the grill!! Whoop!!

I was totally blown away at first sight of how many choices there are for the grill! The only thing that kept replaying was how I wanted to try them all, chicken, beef, fish, anything! Each of the meat also came with different flavors; original, curry, black pepper, garlic, and teriyaki. My personal favorite is definitely the curry beef!

Look at all the veggies! Mix and match is a skill needed here..lol!

The stuff you get from the grill section is also allowed to be boiled with the suki, so it's really just a freedom to get creative here! Either boil or grill your foods, go nuts!

So you'll see this paper on the grill but be sure to not remove it as it's used as prevent your foods from sticking to the grill! Don't worry cause it won't burn, it will turn black tho, so make sure to ask the waiter to change it once it does!

Okay, everyone meet Mr. Ono! He's the sumo guy acting as the icon of Onokabe. I guess since a sumo guy needs to eat a lot, so this represents Onokabe, seeing what they offer..lol!

And here's the pricing, plus some important details that you might want to check out!

Jl. Alam Sutera kav. 26
Alam Sutera Town Center
(Across of Flavor Bliss)
Serpong Utara 15325

Opening Hours :
Lunch : 11:00 am - 03:00 pm
Dinner : 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

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