27 November 2016


Here's yet another new member of Pantai Indah Kapuk and we're super psyched to try it cause it's from the famous Cacaote! Well, since it's Cacaote, we definitely have quite an expectation, plus I like the funny name, Social Affair, sounds exciting..lol!

Because it's still very fresh, I guess it's expected to not find them in maps but don't worry! Just tap in Locale, cause it's actually just next to it!

Social Affair here is created for a more casual crowd, where people can just be in their flip flops and shorts, yet still be able to dine here without being judged. It's a very refreshing concept, considering how fancy Cacaote is. This is also the reason why they locate this at PIK!

Interior's pretty as expected, though less girly and much more homey! It's covered with white and yellow colors with huge window that let's an incredible amount of natural light in! Just another perfect photoshoot spot!

Since they're still related to Cacaote, you can actually find some of Cacaote's signature cakes here! Okay, I'm gonna let you enjoy drooling for these pastries now~

Of course, the ever-so-popular salted caramel eclair has to be present!

A bunch of sweet and savory pastries are displayed to tempt you! Made fresh daily by the way!

Made in house with real Japanese green tea powder.

Comes in hot, cold, and blended, whichever you prefer. I personally love the hot one, since it's much bolder and thicker! Fyi, the powder really is imported all the way from Japan, so it's very authentic!

Smoked salmon, ikura, poached egg, fish roe, hollandaise, mix salad.

Everything is pretty much perfect but the muffins..but that is coming from my personal taste. It's not that it taste bad or anything but I just don't like the taste and texture. Other than that, it's all good, especially the wonderful hollandaise sauce! Yumm! Oh, and you can choose either smoked salmon or pork ham for this one! We went with the salmon because we already ordered something else in pork, plus we want it as how it's standardized!

The ever-so-beautiful melting egg yolk!

Miso marinated salmon, salmon croquette, 60 degrees egg, bonito flakes.

Yes, it's yet another salmon dish! This time it's cooked salmon, something I'm very skeptical with but seeing who these people are, I have quite an expectation. First, let's look at the egg!

Perfect as expected!

Croquettes were fine!

Last, the salmon, gorgeous! It's amazingly still pink and raw in the inside and smothered with miso that there's no smell nor taste of raw salmon at all but still very bouncy and juicy! Great job!

Chili fried rice, pork belly, crispy bacon, fried egg.

Ta-dah! This time, it's pork! As an Indonesian, no matter how adventurous our palate is, we always want to go back to that comfort food and this is definitely one of mine! There's absolutely nothing to complain about this. The fried rice might not be that strong in flavor but the super salty pork belly balanced it out well!

And a perfect egg, as usual!

Crispy bacon, brioche, maple syrup, nut crumbs.

Love, love, love the crispy bacon! It's like a cracker in texture and tastes sweet and salty, just perfect! The brioche however is not my cup of tea, don't really know if it's because I was already too full or something else. The cinnamon is definitely present and there's just too much going on that I was quite overwhelmed!

Look at that sexy gloss!

Yes, it's not over yet people..can't believe all these and just the 2 of us! Lol! Next, we'll be going through the pastries and first up is the popular Martabak Croissant! This will cost you IDR 35K, which is a very good bargain considering the size is pretty large with overflowing topping. They weren't kidding with the name though, this literally taste like martabak made into a croissant! I don't know how but it just is!

Still more pastries to go people! XD

Going for the savory one next is this Chicken Mushroom quiche(?) Okay, confession, I don't remember the name nor price but I do know that it's chicken and mushroom inside..really sorry!

This one is also delicious! Simply delicious!

Okay, for the pastries, there's no doubt about it that it's yummy! I'm pretty confident that it'll taste good with anything that you pick. Here's another favorite and it's Peanut Butter and Jelly Croissant for IDR 32K. I still prefer the Martabak tho, since this one is more fruity than sweet. The jelly kinda overpowered the peanut butter but still, it's good!

This one is kinda plain looking but it's actually a Cheesecake Croissant for only IDR 30K!

Yes, it does ooze out cheesy goodness just like those Japanese cheesecakes!

Keep in mind that the menus will be altered each month, so this is their November menu. I kinda predict that people will come to this place and mostly go for their pastries tho, since you just can't ignore those babies when it's displayed right in front of you! Lol! Well, I wish them the best of luck and I'd definitely have those Martabak Croissant again soon!

Social Affair by Cacaote
Ruko Garden House
Blok B No. 17-18A
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours :
Sunday - Thursday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm
Friday - Saturday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am