25 December 2016


Another gelato haven has appeared in Jakarta!! Whoop whoop! This time it's located at Senayan City, the name's Aroma Gelato and the place is pretty simple and not to mention small. No matter, as long as they serve good gelato, those details can be overlooked! Besides, though small, they still have some seating!

Here's a preview of some of the flavors on Aroma. All very interesting, isn't it?

You can have a cup or cone in many sizes. It's a bit of a downer that for the cone you'd need to add extra IDR 4K++ but I guess good stuff comes with a price!

In exchange of paying for cones they do have something better that comes free and it's this chocolate drizzle! Yeap, you can pour all that chocolate goodness all over you gelato for free!

We got the Piccolo on a cone which costs IDR 38K++ and you'll get 2 flavors. For this one, we chose Dark Chocolate 70% and Pistachio Bronte, which is superb by the way! The Pistachio Bronte is a favorite here and I can definitely see why and as for the Dark Chocolate 70%, it's a personal favorite. I'm a huge dark chocolate fan, so I just can't say no to it!

Got this one on the chocolate shower because, why not?

Next, we had the cup in Medio for 3 flavors, which costs IDR 54K++. For this we got the Mango Alphonso, Peppermint With Chocolate, and Stracciatella!

Why the random flavors you might ask? Well, it's because our orders got switched..lol! Yeah, so on the cone is supposed to be the Dark Chocolate 70% and Peppermint With Chocolate and on this cup the Pistachio Bronte and Stracciatella! The Mango Alphonso is a complimentary, maybe as an apology for the mixed up, so this was supposed to also be a Piccolo but got upgraded to Medio. :) Thank you!

We didn't use the chocolate drizzle for this one cause it's random enough as it is and I don't think the Mango Alphonso will go well with chocolate.

Trying lots of different gelato is always a wonderful experience! We'd love to come back again and again 'till we tasted all of the flavors Aroma has, so beware for us! :D

aROMA Gelato
Senayan City
LG floor
Jalan Asia Afrika Lot 19
Senayan, Jakarta Selatan 10270

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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