25 December 2016


Yeap, it's yet another coffee shop! Jakarta's been booming with them, huh? But this one's not exactly a new comer though, it's been here since last September but because it's in Alam Sutera, which is pretty far and don't get me started on the traffic jam, so we only got the chance to come visit now. Here's HomeBrew Coffee House everybody!

For exact location, this is actually located behind Onokabe, pretty easy to spot. It's on the 2nd floor of the building, so you can go up with the elevator!

Interior's very pretty and homey. Love their Christmas decorations by the way! There's also an outdoor and because it's on the second floor, it's a bit breezy.

I know, you might be scolding us for not getting coffee in a coffee shop but before coming here, we already went to another coffee shop and had a lot of coffee there, so here we got something sweeter. It's also because these ones we got sparks our interest, these are iced Salted Caramel Latte IDR 45K and Chocolate Ganache IDR 48K! In the Chocolate Ganache, there's a lump of ice cream that is pretty hard to drink with the regular straw, I'd recommend getting a spoon for it or bigger straw..lol!

The Salted Caramel definitely needs more salted caramel..yeah, didn't really taste any here. It's more like a sweetened caramel latte!

Totally expected something better. Never knew that something could go wrong with crispy boneless chickens. It's a bit tasteless and kinda rubbery, the sauce's also too watery! :(

The highlight of today's meal! This is definitely our favorite. It's flavorful and juicy, also filled with cheesy goodness! Yum!

Stuffed with spinach, mushroom, and cheese! Heavenly!

You might be taken aback with how thin the meat is but I guess it's because this is a flank steak but don't worry cause it's delicious. The taste definitely paid off the size! Didn't quite like the cilantro salsa but the meat is good enough as it is, so it's all good!

Love how coffee shops are made for a perfect working spot and that goes for HomeBrew, so I'd definitely come here often to work if only it's not that far from home! :')

Alam Sutera Town Center (ASTC)
Kav. 2, Jl. Alam Utama No.1
Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15325
021-29779296 / 085814252609

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:00 am - 09:00 pm

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