22 December 2016


This is a restaurant that probably not many knows, even I didn't know about this if it isn't for Alex from Eatfolks! Guess it's because the location is pretty hidden, which is in Gading Batavia building at Kelapa Gading. If you're familiar with Kelapa Gading area then you would recognize this building as KTC. The only thing that is still alive here is only the Hypermart, even some of my friends who lives in the area didn't know about this restaurant called Hwang Geum Bab Sang!

I think the place is pretty authentic with all it's historical decorations and design, yet I love how it's super comfy and clean. The owner is still supervising the place, so that might be the reason!

It's really a pity that not many knows about the place and the customers here are all just regulars, which is not a lot to the point that the staffs are all just hanging about..sad!

They have 3 kinds of tables, 1 grill table, 1 normal table, and last is a tatami-like! I know it's Korean but I can't explain it better than that!

Here are the banchan!! It might not be much but just look at how there's pork and pajeon! All for the complimentary!

The garanjim here isn't that soft and fluffy whereas the garanjim I've encountered is so soft that it'll shrink after a while. Though it's not the fluffy type, the portion is really generous making it pretty filling!

Okay, the spelling might be weird but I'm just writing the exact copy of their menu. Inside this is pork and the portion is very generous (most of their dishes are)! I think it's enough for 4 people and being just the 2 of us, this is somewhat overwhelming..lol!

For the size, this is a very good bargain! This is literally pork belly on a hotplate and taste like soy sauce, which goes amazing with rice!

Smells amazing by the way with all those onions, garlic, and chives!

We didn't get any grilled meat because here you need to order a minimal of 2 portions, which is definitely too much for the 2 of us, though we really wanted to try it! The specials here are overall delicious and there's a lot of choices, there's jjigae, bossam, toppoki, bulgogi, etc! All with huge portion, so be sure to bring a lot of friends to try them all!

Hwang Geum Bab Sang
Hypermart Kelapa Gading Trade Center
Gedung Hypermall (KTC)
Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat
Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240
021-29574369 / 081284940707 

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm

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