31 December 2016


Yeah!! We're sooo excited to share this with you guys! It has just opened like a couple of days ago but we just can't wait and went here on a day after they've opened! Here's a place where you can dine while being accompanied by these cute penguins, it's Pingoo at Neo Soho!

Their exact location is at the lowest ground and it's next to the Aquarium that is about to opened next month! I bet the restaurant is also part of that aquarium!

The interior totally looks like a shack and though from these shots it looks bright, it's actually super dimly lit with yellow lights!

I'm not really sure about how the place works yet, since when I came here it's opened but later that day, a friend said that they came here but found the place is closed? So I don't really know, I think it's best if you call first before heading there!

It's said that they'll have a lot more penguins later on but right now there're only 6, though I only saw 5(?)

Fyi, be sure to not touch the glass of the penguin's aquarium, since it'll highly disturb the penguins. Besides you don't need to touch the glass to get their attention as all you need to do is wave your hand around and they'll be attracted to you. Please enjoy some shots of these cute little penguins!

Okay, so I really don't think that this restaurant is ready yet, as there are only 3 dishes that is ready from the whole menu! Can you believe that? 3 dishes, 2 pastas and 1 appetizer! Shocking!

Sauteed tiger prawn, garlic oil, togarashi.

Okay, the dishes that I got are the only 2 pastas that are ready but even then these dishes are disappointing. I guess this is because they're not ready yet? The aglio olio is kind of tasteless and dry but I hope they'd improve after settling!

Vongole clams, tomato, dried chili, basil.

This one's way too oily and the I don't really get why the overflowing clam shells? Some of the clams are even empty! It's kinda disturbing, maybe they might want to just put the inside of the clams in the pasta and just use a few of the clam shells as decorations?

The available appetizer is the Calamary Ring but we didn't try it.

We'd definitely come back when they're actually settled and ready to try their other dishes cause actually, the dishes on the menus are pretty interesting! Please be good cause they'd be amazing if they don't just sell the penguin view! Another thing, you'd be able to feed the penguins for IDR 50K but it's not available yet, so we'll also come back for that! See you soon!

Pingoo - Jakarta Aquarium
Neo Soho
LG floor
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28
Tanjung Duren, Grogol Petamburan
Jakarta Barat 11470


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