25 June 2017


Yeap, after the second soba Kabuto Mazesoba at PIK, here's another one, Kokoro Mazesoba! Please don't tell me that this will be the next trend, tho I don't really mind.. Kokoro here is located in the 5th floor of Grand Indonesia's West Mall. Wow, it's been a long time since there's anything interesting there, huh? Went there on a weekend and it's a full house, making me more curious of how it tastes!


Yes, the most awaited Sensory Lab from Melb has finally arrived in Jakarta at Mall Kelapa Gading 3 to be exact! Very close to the lobby and right across Starbucks, so it's pretty easy to spot. If you came from a different lobby however and if you're not familiar with this mall like me, you'd get pretty confused..it's embarrassing to admit but I almost got lost here. Plus, the security is very hard to find!


Hermitage Hotel here is actually an old building but it was renovated to suit the modern era, though they still kept the Indonesian cultures. I get this feeling that they've been here even before Indonesia's independence day, so I can't really tell if I'm more amazed or more creep out..lol! Don't worry though, I didn't feel any haunting aura while being here and it's all super fine other than the fact that the hotel is super quite and there's almost nobody there! Too bad I didn't take any photos of the corridors to show you their cool antiquity, it's as if we went back in time to the English era. Do try googling it!

What we're gonna talk about is their restaurant called L'Avenue. So during these fasting season, they have a buffet of Indonesian food for IDR 325K++ per person and truth be told, this is my first experience with a local food buffet in a hotel!

24 June 2017


There's a flower market in Grand Indonesia!! Yuhuu, this time Lewis and Carroll have once again catches our eyes with a new scenery. What's once was only tea, now their new branch have a flower haven! All these gorgeous petals are from @summerpetals and I don't really know if it's just sharing the same spot or a collaboration but these beauties are for sale!


The second hot soba shop that has entered Jakarta after Yamatoten, here's Kabuto Mazesoba! Located in line with Warung Mevvah at Pantai Indah Kapuk. I personally find this yummy! The savory salty type of soba, just the way I like it and suits my taste better than Kokoro!

21 June 2017


Hope you're ready for some classy high quality Japanese dining, cause we got an amazing chance to try a Japanese restaurant at JW Marriott called Asuka Japanese Dining! Asuka here used to only serve a la carte but just this month, they've created a buffet Sunday sake lunch called Nichi Yobi and that is what we're going to try!

31 May 2017


Yeap, you read right, we got to attend the press conference of the Iron Chef Indonesia! Does anyone know what Iron Chef is? If you don't, we'll share a little here. It's a cooking face off type of TV program. First appearance made in Japan in 1993 to 1999 and spread like a wildfire to other countries like America, Australia, to England..and now, RCTI has successfully brought the program to Indonesia! Whoop whoop!

In Iron Chef Indonesia, they're going to bring together the pros in culinary world to challenge on 1 of the 3 Iron Chefs! Yes, all the famous chefs that you might heard of will most probably stand here to face the Iron Chefs, sounds exciting, huh? Well, actually the program has aired since 22nd of April 2017 and how blessed are we to be able to personally meet the 3 Iron Chefs and even get a taste of their special creations! Let's meet these Iron Chefs, shall we?

30 May 2017


Hello from Tambolaka!! What's that you might ask? Well, it's a city in the Southwest of Sumba, which is also the name of the airport here. Sumba is a pretty small island but they have 2 airports here. 1 is the Tambolaka here and another in East Sumba. The biggest is the East Sumba, which city is called Waingapu, also the name of the airport! 

This time, I only went on a 4 days 3 nights trip but I've explored almost all of west to east Sumba! Both are a definite opposite of the other. East Sumba, Waingapu is definitely a way more modern city-like than Tambolaka, which is a more country-side with more nature. Can't wait to explore the beauty of this East Nusa Tenggara? Let's go!

I chose to go to Tambolaka from Bali and went back from Waingapu to Bali. The ticket costed me about IDR 2 mio and that's excluding my ticket from Jakarta to Bali. I guess in total it costed me IDR 3,5 mio or so, as expected since the east side of Indonesia is known to be expensive. :')

If you want to stay updated, be sure to use Telkomsel, as it's the only operator with a signal. When it comes to islands, Telkomsel has always been the best, though when you get into the deep Sumba, nothing will get you connected!


Welcome to paradise! Bali is definitely a paradise island that people will keep visiting! It's not only a tourist spot but also a place to just sit back and relax, from nature to cuisines, they have it best! Personally, though Bali is a quite small island in map, it definitely won't be enough to explore all with just a month because it is just so rich of everything! Probably the reason why so many decided to live in this paradise island!

Though we often went to Bali, we never reviewed anything about Bali in Lulabyspoon, so this time we decided to share something, this is called La Joya, Biu Biu! Why? Cause this place is super amazing! This is gonna be picture-y post cause we just want you to see how beautiful this place and picture speaks louder than words, so enjoy the view!

It's located a bit far from the city, in Balangan area and it'll take an hour to get here from Kuta. The road is very deserted with no signal what-so-ever. I went here using an online driver (but it's actually not allowed, so keep quite, kay?) and got a local as my driver, so we didn't get lost at all. Some of my friends came here using Waze and they totally got lost, so be sure to always ask around whenever you can if you're going here by yourself!


This babi guling is said to be superb, so we just can't not try it after hearing that, right? Even if it is so far, which is at Serpong! It's not that hard to find by the way. Just find the Paramount's roundabout, turn left and there'll be these shops on your left, this is one of those shops! For exact spot just look it up on your gps. Anyways, after coming this far just for this Babi Guling O'an, I saw some posts from fellow foodies that they've opened a branch at PIK!! Darn! But good news to PIK-ers!

29 May 2017


Who's ready for the new face of Ritz Carlton's Asia Restaurant? We know we are! The Ritz we're talking about is the one at Mega Kuningan, kay! And why new face? Cause Asia has been here a long time but it went through a 3 weeks shut down for this improvement, so let's see how they did!

27 May 2017


Yes, this is the most talked about newly opened sushi shop as of now! Everything at IDR 15K, not a promo price! That price definitely drew in a lot of attention cause it seems very affordable, though I personally can't say it's cheap. It's reasonable..but not cheap. I got a few tips if you're thinking of dining here, be sure to keep on reading for it! Here's Sushi Go! at PIK Avenue!

Sushi Go! one price sushi here is actually located inside the Dotonburi food court of PIK Avenue, which is on the 2nd floor and I heard that this is actually a sister branch of Sushi Hiro? Can anyone tell me if it's the truth or just a rumor?

26 May 2017


Well, who doesn't know Nomz, right? That awesome place with the best of foods located at Grand Indonesia! They never cease to amaze us with their inventions and cuisine and now they've come up with some new menus! Let's check them out!

25 May 2017


Yes! You didn't read the title wrong. This "it" spot where people usually hang out for snack while enjoying quality time over beer has offered an all you can eat! It's known for a great place for beer, since it does open from 5 pm 'till midnight and the foods are pretty affordable. This buffet madness offer stands for every Tuesday at Shao Kao Pantai Indah Kapuk with a price of IDR 198K++! Yeap, you can eat anything here for that price. Tempting, huh?

22 May 2017


Yeap, almost all of you should probably know Union, so why do we need to talk about this famous place? Because there's gonna be some exciting new menus this month! Other than the main course, there're also gonna be new cakes! Let's go!

19 May 2017


Hello from the 67th floor! Did you know that The Westin Hotel here is currently the tallest building in Indonesia?! Yeap, not Jakarta only but the whole Indonesia! Cool, huh? Ranging to 69th floor, the restaurant we're going to talk about today is on the 67th. What's unique about this hotel is that the lobby is actually on the 52nd floor..why? Cause the 1st - 51st floor is an office tower named Gama Tower and if we count the hotel only, it actually has only 18 floors, so technically it's the tallest building with the help of the Gama Tower..lol!

30 April 2017


Tugu Kunstring here is a restaurant, hotel, art gallery, and bar, all made into one! Located at Menteng area on a hook of the road. It's been here for 2-3 years and is just simply gorgeous! The interior just screams royalty and a pretty detailed one at that! From the same group as Tugu hotel in Malang, Lombok, Bali, and Blitar, which also includes Lara Djonggrang, Dapur Babah, Shanghai Blue. Fyi, if you want to just go sight seeing without dining in, it's fine too, so don't be shy!


Are you ready to indulge yourself in some chocolatey goodness? This is a place where you'll be craving hard for chocolates, it's Moreau at Kemang! Saw this on a random post on Instagram and set our minds to come and try it! How can you not when you see these, just read on and you'll understand why!


The name Common Grounds is probably something you're already familiar with as it is to us. Yes, this is that Common Grounds from Citywalk and it has finally reached the West! Yay for us! They have step foot into the newly opened mall, Neo Soho, right across Central Park. Now I know where to get my proper coffee and brunch!


Most people in Jakarta loves a good Nasi Padang because of the strong flavors and very affordable price for a huge portion. You can also add more sauce for free, it's no wonder everyone loves it! Here's a newcomer in that area called Padang Merdeka and they've opened at Kota Tua. It's a newborn local brand, so you won't find it elsewhere. It's kind of too bad that they are not allowed to put a signage tho, since it's the general rule of Kota Tua. Got a bit of difficulties trying to promote the restaurant, so for you who has read this post, please do spread the word and location! They're located at Jl. Lada No. 1, right across of BNI Kota Tua before the station. Exact position is on the right side of the road and when you find a red gate that says "Lada No. 1", go straight in and you'll find Padang Merdeka there. Don't worry about parking lots, just go to the closed gate, if you said you're going to eat there, they'll gladly open them for you and let me tell you, the space inside is pretty huge!

28 April 2017


A celebration for all carnivores out there! AB Steak has finally opened in Jakarta, on 23rd April 2017 to be exact and it was only for dinner (06:30 pm - 10:30 pm) and you need to book your seat. I don't really know if it's going to be like that permanently or just for the time being. Sorry all.. anyways, this place is NOT an all you can eat as there are some who asked about that. It's an ala carte just like Akira Back, the chef is also from Akira Back and even on the same building as Akira Back, at MD Building, Kuningan, Mezzanine floor (just 1 floor away from the lobby)!

AB Steak here is a modern steakhouse with Korean accent!


Calling all Singaporeans, those who have been to Singapore, or just a big fan of Singapore cuisine, this kind of food is something you might be very familiar with! It's something that could be called as Hawker dish, the name is Bak Chor Mee or Mee Pok, which literally means Minced Meat Noodle!

Before this Ming Fa Bak Chor Mee that we are going to talk about, we've reviewed another Bak Chor Mee stand in Jakarta before called Yong He Noodles making this our second Bak Chor Mee in Jakarta review! Ming Fa here is located at PIK's Fresh Market, the ones that are just right outside the market, in line with other noodle shops there!

27 April 2017


My first visit to Porto Bistreau is to the one at Central Park, which is actually their 2nd branch. The first one is at Serpong. Porto here is from Altima Group, so it's the same as Nanny's Pavilion, Karnivor, Wild Grass in Bandung, and others. Went here for a breakfast, which is pretty rare and weird, even for me. Who am I kidding? Central Park is not exactly a type of breakfast kind of mall and yet here I am..lol! No, we don't live in the hotel or apartment near here if that's what you're thinking, guess we're just that random!

Porto Bistreau here opens from 8 in the morning, which is why they have a breakfast menu and there're 6 of them, available only till 11 am, so it's not an all day breakfast. Be sure to keep that mind!

25 April 2017


It's mid 2017 and yet coffee game still going strong here in Jakarta! Here's another new coffee shop appearing in Dharmawangsa Square called Maoki Coffee. It's inside Barber Club in the back corner and I start to wonder why are there so many coffee shops that is inside a barber shop!

23 April 2017


Well after the coffee hype, now comes the new hype; Cheesecake! This isn't exactly a new place but since cheesecake shops have been appearing here and there nowadays, this one is a must to come into the spotlight, it's Cheesess!

13 April 2017


Hey everyone! How's April treating you? Good I hope. Did you know about The Cheesecake Factory? Nope, this is not the old cheesecake factory but it's the real one that is imported right from the US! Well, if I'm not mistaken, I think the old one even changed it's name to Almond Tree now? Is it? Well, let's just continue about this one!

31 March 2017


Maybe some of you saw that one of us went to Derawan Island on this early March from Instagram, especially since it's a bit of a spam..lol! It's just because the place is just so beautiful that I want to show you all of them! Show that our Indonesia is actually gorgeous! Land nor underwater, all of them are pretty and after sharing them, a lot of you also ask some questions about this, so here's all the answers you need! Let's tour!!

It's a bit of a tiring trip if you're from Jakarta though, as it's from Jakarta to Balikpapan to Berau to Tanjung Batu, and then to Derawan. From Berau to Tanjung Batu, you'd have to ride a car for about 150-180 minutes drive, depends on your driver..lol! The road is far from smooth and you'd be going into the woods (playing that TS song..lol!), from then on going to Derawan will be taken by a speed boat with about 25 minutes of travel. Other alternative if you don't want to go through Berau, is going through Tarakan, though if I'm not mistaken, you'd be going on a long journey by boat. I'd much prefer a long way by car than boat, you see!


Yet another pork specialist has landed in Jakarta, more precisely in Pluit! Yay! Can't be denied that North Jakarta is the heaven of non-halal foods, either it's PIK, Gading, or Pluit. Probably because of the market is perfect for it. This place is called The Fat Pig and it's one with a carwash, though I don't remember the name of the carwash, sorry! :(


Hey there Glosis Steak lovers or if you're not, at least you must've heard of this brand. It's pretty popular among family in the old times. Now, we'll just introduce you a bit about this new branch called Glosis Restaurant at La Maison Barito apartment in South Jakarta. This is the only Glosis branch that has a breakfast menu and coffee from Common Grounds! Of course their opening hours is also different starting from 7 am to 11 pm. Wow, huh? Aren't they just full of surprises?


CupBop here is actually an international brand that has landed itself in Jakarta, more exactly at Gandaria City on the lower ground. I think they also have a branch at Living World but I just haven't got the chance to visit there. It's Korean cuisine and the type that is put into a cup hence the name!


Yeah! Gelato!! Who doesn't love good gelato? From kids to adults, everyone just loves their gelato, right? Eating gelato always gives me this happy feeling and hearing that the famous Gaya Gelato from Bali coming to Jakarta, I think I'm in heaven! Gaya Gelato in Bali is located at Ubud and Uluwatu and last month they've opened their first Jakarta branch at Pantai Indah Kapuk (again)!!


So happy that there's yet another brunch spot in Jakarta! When people talk about brunch, the first place that came up in my mind is definitely Maple & Oak but then after giving it some thought, I guess Jakarta has quite a lot of brunch spots like St. Ali, Toby's Estate, and Common Grounds, which are all connected by the way..lol! It's usually coffee shops tho and Hardware Lane here is no different. Don't really know whether they want to focus on the coffee or brunch but all I know is the presentation of their brunch is very interesting! Like always, I did some stalking on their Instagram before visiting and it's obvious that they're an Australian type of brunch and lucky me, cause that's exactly what I love!

Located at Pluit and you can locate it with GPS, cause that's how I found it too..lol! Signage is pretty big, so it's easy to find and the parking lot is huge. You won't miss it!

30 March 2017


Usually when I went to Bali, there's already a default list of places that I'd visit, like Babi Guling, Warung Cahaya, Gusto, etc (you can check them out on Instagram by searching #lulabyspoonbali). After a certain times of going to the same routines, you'd get sick of it, so you can't imagine how psyched I am when I found this new favorite spot! It's called Pork Star and yes, when in Bali, of course the jewels would be pork..lol!

Pork Star here is pretty close to Warung Cahaya, only in different alley. From the front you'd immediately see a hot pink container truck with a picture of a pig on it, that's how you know it's Pork Star! Don't worry, even though only the truck is visible, they actually have a proper table to dine in, the container is just their kitchen, the restaurant itself even have 2 floors!


Don't really remember what this place was before, the location is right across of PIK Avenue. The place is called Wheat & Wit and it's more of a bakery sourcing from Malaysia!

12 March 2017


Today we're sharing about something different. It's not the usual restaurant review but a chocolate brand! Yay for chocolates! The brand is from PT. Sukanda Djaya, called Cacao Barry and it has been here since 1842. Their strength lies in sourcing origin countries' cocoa beans, working intimately with cocoa producers and selecting the best & appropriate beans for chocolate recipes and now, they're launching a "new generation" chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, the 3 purity from nature couverture chocolate; Ocoa, Alunga, and Inaya!

11 March 2017


It's finally March! Why are we excited you ask? Well, because in this month, we'll be going on a lot of vacations! Yes, not just one trip, but several, check out our instagram if you're interested in following us on our holidays. No, we won't be going together but on a separate trip, so if you wanna know each of our trips, find us on each of our own instagrams!
That's our quick heads-up, so now let's get back to business. Today we'll be sharing about Ginzamaru, which used to be where Sumibian was at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Don't really know if the owner is still the same or not but they both have grills and Ginzamaru here has more Japanese foods. If you still have no idea where this is, it's in line with PIK's market!

28 February 2017


Welcoming yet another new coffee shop in town! This time the location is a bit unique though, it's at Grogol, right across of Trisakti University. Bottlenose here is located in a shop designed with containers called PHX and in this area, there are a lot of other small shops filled with foods!

JIA Shangri-La Jakarta

Who's ready for a great Chinese cuisine? I know we are! It's funny how as we grow older we find that having a feast with friends are best held at a Chinese restaurant..lol! I guess we are starting to become more like our parents?

27 February 2017


Rock Papr Scsr here is actually in the same group as Wilshire and Bottega. Located in GF floor of The East Tower, Mega Kuningan. Had quite the hard time in finding the place because the signage is not located on the front entrance where passerby can easily see it. My suggestion is try finding a nameless restaurant..lol!

The grand opening was on February 8th but they've opened their doors since January, so I guess it's already a month old.


New restaurant alert!! It's called Eight Treasures and located in Plaza Indonesia, it's already pretty popular for their signature dish, which is the hanged red meat. Keep in mind that there are 2 restaurants with similar names, this one is Eight Treasures in Plaza Indonesia while the other is Eight Treasures in Daan Mogot's Ibis Hotel!

It's one the 4th floor, near the salon area of PI. The foods are pretty pricey but the have a lot of interesting set menus that will save you a few rupiahs. Not everything in the menu is overly priced though as there are affordable ones like their Chinese food but it was sold out when we came here, so we went with the meats!

25 February 2017


Calling all women (or family actually) that has spent years dining in Tan Goei, now they've created a new and improved concept! Tan Goei here used to be located near Maple and Oak but has moved to across of Lara Djonggrang, still in Menteng area actually and changed their name to Heritage by Tan Goei!


A lot have been asking about the whereabouts of this place and honestly, I don't really know the direction either but don't worry tho cause there's a one stop solution and that's Google Maps! Haha! I can almost find any location using only that, even if the restaurant's not yet included, you can still insert the street's name instead!

23 February 2017


Hello West Jakarta! Time for you to celebrate cause this time it's a place at Tanjung Duren, well, when I say celebrate I mean us, cause our home is pretty close by..lol! The place is called Fish Streat and it also has an outlet at Tebet, Depok, and Bintaro, which could even be called out of Jakarta. If you're wondering where the exact location is, it's across of the park that used to be a police station, so if KFC is at your right, go straight till you found the park at your left, turn left and this will be at your left. This branch is a bit bigger than the others, which I'm guessing because it's at a hook, yet there's always a waiting list!

I'm also a victim of Fish Streat as I'd also get in line for this. Why I like this so much is because other than the affordable price, the taste is quite satisfying and the seafood's pretty fresh. The only problem is the waiting time for the food as it's super long, other than the fish and chips, you'd have to be very patient, especially for the seafood platter and add another 15 minutes for melted cheese!

22 February 2017


Okay, who hasn't heard of the new hit sensation that has landed itself in Gading Serpong? Yes, it's Port Five Six and if you haven't heard of it, then you've come to the perfect post..lol!

14 February 2017


Are you ready for some fun while you dine? Cause that is what this place is all about! Here's Genesis Bistro & Sports Bar at Kelapa Gading, yeap, sports bar! Not that kind of sports though, it's the indoor dart and billiard kind of sports. I'd say pool but it might be misunderstood, so I called it billiard instead..lol!

01 February 2017


It's the first ever McCafe that is in a separate building with McDonald's! Here's the McCafe at TB Simatupang, yeap, if you haven't realized, all McCafes are usually inside McDonald's. This one is made especially for those who just wants a relaxing coffee time while enjoying some lite bites!

31 January 2017


Yes, it's that Jakarta Aquarium that people have been waiting for, the one inside Neo Soho! We bought the ticket at Central Park's bazaar for IDR 75K and it's said to be for the exclusive preview. When we bought the ticket, we were told that in the exclusive preview, most of the aquarium will have been completed aside from some of their shows and events but in reality, it's more of most of the aquarium is not even half completed! :(


Calling all you lovebirds out there! Valentine is coming and here's a list to help you plan your perfect Valentine's date for the upcoming February! We got this idea when we were doing a live on Instagram (yes, we can do that now!), some requested these recommendations, so here are a list from Lulabyspoon!

We'd recommend that you book the place first, since we're afraid that some of these restaurants will be full booked for Valentine's. We believe that you don't need to go out as a couple only for Valentine's, you can go with friends as well. As long as you have fun, it's all that matters, right?

These are just a quick review, so if you want a more detailed information you can click on the title that will lead you to our blog post. Let's get started;


Hi hi! Yes, we're back with one of those guide-type of post, since we hope that this will somehow help you, especially when you're traveling without a tour guide because I'd definitely appreciate this kind of posts when I don't know where to go. Here's some culinary guidance when you're in Malang! I guess Malang is a place with not so many recreational areas, so my only entertainment is their foods..lol! Malang here is pretty close to Batu with only 45 minutes of distance by car. Now Batu is a completely different story, there are definitely a lot of recreational area in Batu to the point that people would call it a tourist city! There's Jawa Timur Park 1; where it's more like an amusement park, Jawa Timur Park 2; inside is filled with animals museum and Batu Secret Zoo, also Eco Green Park, Transportation Museum, Batu Night Spectacular also known as BNS, Paralayang Hill (Omah Kayu), and much much more! Not only those recreational but the foods are also good, though not as many variant as Malang when it comes to foods!

Let's start with Malang, shall we?

27 January 2017


Has anyone else realized that there's actually a lot of authentic Korean restaurant in Senopati? Well, I've just realized that recently..yeah, better late than never, right? :p I guess this is why a lot of Koreans like to hang around the area? Here's another authentic Korean restaurant called Cheong Dam Garden!