31 January 2017


Yes, it's that Jakarta Aquarium that people have been waiting for, the one inside Neo Soho! We bought the ticket at Central Park's bazaar for IDR 75K and it's said to be for the exclusive preview. When we bought the ticket, we were told that in the exclusive preview, most of the aquarium will have been completed aside from some of their shows and events but in reality, it's more of most of the aquarium is not even half completed! :(


Calling all you lovebirds out there! Valentine is coming and here's a list to help you plan your perfect Valentine's date for the upcoming February! We got this idea when we were doing a live on Instagram (yes, we can do that now!), some requested these recommendations, so here are a list from Lulabyspoon!

We'd recommend that you book the place first, since we're afraid that some of these restaurants will be full booked for Valentine's. We believe that you don't need to go out as a couple only for Valentine's, you can go with friends as well. As long as you have fun, it's all that matters, right?

These are just a quick review, so if you want a more detailed information you can click on the title that will lead you to our blog post. Let's get started;


Hi hi! Yes, we're back with one of those guide-type of post, since we hope that this will somehow help you, especially when you're traveling without a tour guide because I'd definitely appreciate this kind of posts when I don't know where to go. Here's some culinary guidance when you're in Malang! I guess Malang is a place with not so many recreational areas, so my only entertainment is their foods..lol! Malang here is pretty close to Batu with only 45 minutes of distance by car. Now Batu is a completely different story, there are definitely a lot of recreational area in Batu to the point that people would call it a tourist city! There's Jawa Timur Park 1; where it's more like an amusement park, Jawa Timur Park 2; inside is filled with animals museum and Batu Secret Zoo, also Eco Green Park, Transportation Museum, Batu Night Spectacular also known as BNS, Paralayang Hill (Omah Kayu), and much much more! Not only those recreational but the foods are also good, though not as many variant as Malang when it comes to foods!

Let's start with Malang, shall we?

27 January 2017


Has anyone else realized that there's actually a lot of authentic Korean restaurant in Senopati? Well, I've just realized that recently..yeah, better late than never, right? :p I guess this is why a lot of Koreans like to hang around the area? Here's another authentic Korean restaurant called Cheong Dam Garden!


Here's an International restaurant chain that has landed in Jakarta, it's Momo Paradise! They already have outlets in Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc and now in Indonesia, more specifically Pantai Indah Kapuk. Exact location is in line with Sumoboo. It's an all you can eat by the way, wohoo! Fyi, they only serve beef here, no chicken, no fish, no pork..just plain beef with a 90 minutes time, like most AYCE!

26 January 2017


Welcome back to Lulabyspoon! :) This time we're gonna talk about a superb Japanese restaurant. Literally everything is amazing, though it might be pricey but I can safely say it's worth every penny! The name is Oku and it's in Kempinski Hotel Jakarta!

24 January 2017


Looking for some place to have a private lunch/dinner? Then this is the place for you! Why? Cause the tables here are all divided into a make-shift room and we'll sit on the floor like on a tatami, so it's definitely private. If you don't need it to be private, there is a table that's not divided into a room, so whatever floats your boat! To get the private tables, I'd suggest you book first cause even though this place is not popular on the social media, they're pretty crowded! It's called The Grill and located in MidPlaza by the way!

This isn't exactly a new restaurant and there are already a few regular customers. For those who are new to MidPlaza, this place can be a bit of a maze..don't believe us? Well, you're welcome to try..lol!

23 January 2017


Yes, our hunger for hunting down new restaurants can never be satisfied! From the beginning of our blog 'till now, that hunger is still as strong..lol!
There are people who's not interested in trying new restaurants that no one has been to before because of the fear of bad foods but to us it's the total opposite. We long for the experience of trying the fresh newly opened restaurant and this time, we went to the pretty new mall, Neo Soho. Since the place is fairly new, there are still a lot of new restaurants that will soon open here. We went to one of the newly opened Japanese restaurant called Icida, located at the top floor near the foodcourt!

20 January 2017


See! Told ya the newly opened coffee shops in West Jakarta are mostly located at Puri area! Here's yet another one and it's called Dancing Goat. Their exact location is actually in line with Puri Bugar. Yes, it's around that shophouse area!

17 January 2017


It's amazing how everyone seems to open a coffee shop. Here's yet another specialty coffee house at Puri Kembangan and it's actually in line with Simetri Coffee, it's Calibrate Coffee!