31 January 2017


Yes, it's that Jakarta Aquarium that people have been waiting for, the one inside Neo Soho! We bought the ticket at Central Park's bazaar for IDR 75K and it's said to be for the exclusive preview. When we bought the ticket, we were told that in the exclusive preview, most of the aquarium will have been completed aside from some of their shows and events but in reality, it's more of most of the aquarium is not even half completed! :(

Well, just keep on reading and we'll show you what there is to show in this aquarium! From the start of the entrance 'till the end, there's this line of fish pack decoration that will lead you to the right path, so follow them on!

There's a lot of small aquariums with a detailed information beside it but as of now, it's still blank with no fish in the aquarium, even if there is, it's probably only 1 fish. The decorations pretty tho, feels like an ocean wonderland!

A lot of the displays are also still coming soon, which is pretty disappointing!

Not all of the animals are sea creatures, there's land animals and animals that needs both land and water too, like this otter! There's only 1 otter here though, like I said, most displays probably only have 1 or 2 creatures!

Here is the decorations of the land creatures display!

I'm guessing that blue path will be filled with water!

Iguanas are also present here next to the porcupine!

How majestic!

There are 2 floors of this aquarium and the upper floor is more of the land creatures, whereas the lower floor is more to the underwater creatures. Good placing idea!

As you can see the lower floor is much more blue in hue than the upper floor!

There're more fish here though, some aquarium might still be empty but the ones that do have fishes will have a pack of them!

See this? There's an aquarium shaped like a doughnut and people can go inside the hole! Cool!

The end of the aquarium will lead you to Pingoo, the restaurant with penguins that we told you before. I don't think you're allowed to enter the aquarium from the restaurant though! Well, though I think it's very disappointing and I feel cheated after paying to see just an unfinished aquarium, I still had fun. I hope they will do something about this though rather than just a voucher that doesn't even reach half of the actual entry ticket for the grand opening! We'll be waiting for it!

Jakarta Aquarium
Neo Soho
G floor
Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28
Tanjung Duren, Grogol Petamburan
Jakarta Barat 11470

Ticket Price :
Monday - Friday :
Regular : IDR 220K (Entry only)
Exclusive : IDR 275K (Entry and 5D theater)
Ultimate : IDR 550K (Entry, 5D theater, Souvenir, Seatrek or Dive)

Saturday - Sunday :
Premium : IDR 290K (Entry and 5D theater))
Ultimate : IDR 600K (Entry, 5D theater, Souvenir, Seatrek or Dive)

Free for kids under 2 years old.
Ticket price includes PPN 10%, identification bracelets, and insurance.

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