27 February 2017


New restaurant alert!! It's called Eight Treasures and located in Plaza Indonesia, it's already pretty popular for their signature dish, which is the hanged red meat. Keep in mind that there are 2 restaurants with similar names, this one is Eight Treasures in Plaza Indonesia while the other is Eight Treasures in Daan Mogot's Ibis Hotel!

It's one the 4th floor, near the salon area of PI. The foods are pretty pricey but the have a lot of interesting set menus that will save you a few rupiahs. Not everything in the menu is overly priced though as there are affordable ones like their Chinese food but it was sold out when we came here, so we went with the meats!

We'd suggest you make a reservation first, cause even though the waiting line is quite short, they're usually already fully booked, especially by 'arisan' groups..lol!

The interior is super oriental but a whole lot pretty with amazing service! It feels as if each table has 1 personal waiter when the fact is no where near that!

Each seat gets their own pots, so no need to be worried!

The restaurant is super big and I think if you get a table by the window, you could see quite a view!

There are 2 private rooms here for that special occasion!

Hmm..wonder why my pot is silver while the others are rose gold?

The condiments to make your perfect meat dippings! There's the usual garlic, chili, and chives but what's different is their special sauce that contains mala. That special sauce is what makes everything perfect!

We went with the TREASURE A set menu which costs IDR 588K+ for 2 pax!
In this set menu there are;

2 soup bases, where we went with Cartilage soup (the white one) and Szechuan "Mala" Spicy soup (the red one). The cartilage tasted like chicken soup and I love it! Feels very healthy, whereas the mala soup is way too healthy for a mala soup causing it to have sort of a slight bitter taste of medicine, even after adding seasonings to it. There's even some roots of ginseng in the soup!

Sliced AUS Beef 100 gr, the one in front. The one behind is my own additional, which does not include in the set menu!

Meat is super thick and delicious with minimum fat!

Assorted Vegetables and Mushroom Basket

Appetizers, which include a deep fried sliced yam and deep fried bean curd skin.

Not a fan of yams, so after boiling it in the soup I personally think it tasted much weirder! The bean curd skin however is perfect!

Assorted Dumpling Platter, all delicious by the way!

Glass Vermicelli, which is super bouncy, lovely!

Pork Shoulder. At first I thought it was gonna taste weird if boiled, rather than grilled. Turns out it's super delicious and it might look only 4 pieces but it's actually a long rolled up slice!

Sliced Marble Goby Fish + Cuttlefish.

And that's it for the set menu, drinks are not included fyi. I thought it was not enough for us 2 and decided to get another portion of the US Angus Prime Short Ribs 150 gr IDR 168K and of course, regretted it afterwards..cause finishing everything was definitely hard work! The set for 2 is supposed to be quite overwhelming for 2 actually but alas, I got tempted!

Ta-dah! Our 2 pax meals..do you think this is enough or too much? Lol!

Eight Treasures 
Plaza Indonesia
4th Floor
Next to Taste Paradise

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday :
Lunch : 11:00 am - 03:00 pm
Dinner : 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Saturday - Sunday & Public Holiday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


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