14 February 2017


Are you ready for some fun while you dine? Cause that is what this place is all about! Here's Genesis Bistro & Sports Bar at Kelapa Gading, yeap, sports bar! Not that kind of sports though, it's the indoor dart and billiard kind of sports. I'd say pool but it might be misunderstood, so I called it billiard instead..lol!

Located above Rainbow Kitchen and I guess it's easier to find Rainbow Kitchen, since the signboard of Genesis is pretty high up, so you need to keep a keen eye!

The place is not that big and it's pretty obvious that it's more of a hangout place than a proper dining. The space is pretty much taken up by the pool table. Interior's pretty futuristic and fun to suit the theme and it just gives you a feeling of a grown up's playground!

Since it is located on top of Rainbow Kitchen, you can also order some foods from there!

Starting with the foods from Rainbow Kitchen!

Glutinous ball filled with yummy salted egg yolk.

Some traditional sweets from the Rainbow Kitchen. It's actually really good and definitely my favorite. Though the egg yolk is not that runny, it's still amazing!

Perfect balance of sweet and salty, yum!

Baked bun filled with banana custard.

Well, I definitely didn't know it was a banana custard inside..lol! Either I didn't get the custard part, since we split it into 4 pieces or it's just that unnoticeable. The pao is pretty bouncy but I still prefer the Onde!

Baked bun with bbq chicken.

It was okay. Decent pao and decent red bbq chicken like the ones you'd found in any dimsum restaurant, so it's the sweet savory type. Needs a bit more chicken though or maybe that's just because I like overflowed fillings..lol!

Rainbow's signature fried chicken.

Surprisingly pretty good, since this is a risky dish. Once it's overcooked and became hard to chew, it's the end for this but this one's tender, so that's a perfect score! The taste is the easy part for this one, meaning it's all good here!

Fried chicken covered in mixture of margarine and sweet sauce.

I've always love anything with glaze and this once again proves why I love them! Definitely a favorite and it's a pretty common and typical Chinese food pick that I'd get on a family dinner. Love!

Classic fried noodle with seafood for birthday celebration.

Yeap, what a classic this is! If you're a regular with that birthday celebration at Chinese restaurants then this is probably something you're very familiar with..lol! It's good though, not too oily and not too dry.

Now on to the foods from Genesis!

Juicy and tender pork chop with honey mustard sauce served with mashed potato, assorted vegetables and coleslaw.

The first thing that catches our eyes! :D Yes, we're always attracted to pork, so much that we could even read each other's minds now when it comes to pork..lol!

It's actually a bit hard to chew and the texture is like chicken, but I love the honey mustard! :D

Grandma's famous recipe for breakfast. English muffin topped with poached egg and bacon served with Hollandaise sauce and salad.

One of the menus that is pretty simple but hard to perfect! It needs the best ingredients to actually taste good. This one's decent but after tasting the Genesis Pork Chop, this hardly comes out as memorable actually. Even bacon can't win against the pork chop!

Marinated beef tongue served with steam rice, scrambled egg, and sambal matah.

If you want something safe then opt for this one! Definitely a safe choice and it's actually delicious, especially the sambal matah. Be careful though, it can get a little hot, just look at those chili!

One of the world's favorites Asian dish, slow cooked cube pork belly and egg in sweet sauce.

Yes, another classic Asian dish. It's definitely our type of comfort food! I feel like eating mom's cooking whenever I see this. Taste great but we still prefer the pork chop, maybe cause we're not in the mood for comfort foods?

Sliced chicken and mango in spicy Thai dressing.

Simply fresh and healthy! Love the Thai dressing, then again, I always loved Thai dressings, so it's a given. A very Asian touch of a salad!

Moving on to something people might come here for, the cocktails!

Classic gin and tonic with cucumber skin.

Not a big fan of strong alcohol, so when we heard what this is, we totally stayed away from it. I guess since it's a classic gin and tonic, you should be able to picture what it taste like!

Whiskey and almond liquor with a twist of lemon.

On my defense, we didn't read the description and only got the names, so when they say Godfather and after trying the 3 other drinks, I really didn't expect this to be so strong! Maybe Godfather is a classic name but we're not a cocktail experts, so excuse us. Yeap, definitely the type of cocktails I'd stay away from..lol!

Whiskey, lychee, lime fruit and mint leaves served in unique dimsum plate.

Very cute presentation! I like this one, since it's very light that you won't even think that this is an alcoholic beverage, especially because you're drinking from a somewhat shot glass. A great shareable cocktail!

BIELA SUNSET and GENESIS TROPICAL! Both are very light, so it's acceptable for me. Sorry, I totally forgot which is which..but all I know is that the one with a slice of lime taste very tropical. Sweet, sour, and very refreshing whereas the one with lemon taste kind of like yakult greentea..lol!

Genesis Bistro & Sports Bar
Jl. Boulevard Raya blok Q A3 No. 21
2nd & 3rd floor
Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara

Opening Hours :
Monday - Friday : 10:00 am - 00:00 am
Saturday - Sunday : 08:00 am - 02:00 am

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