25 February 2017


A lot have been asking about the whereabouts of this place and honestly, I don't really know the direction either but don't worry tho cause there's a one stop solution and that's Google Maps! Haha! I can almost find any location using only that, even if the restaurant's not yet included, you can still insert the street's name instead!

Place is called Guten Morgen and it's in the same building as a flower shop called Mimsy Botanical. The flower shop is located in the inner part and it's no wonder that the decor of this coffee shop is so pretty!

Though it's not that big, this place is filled with people and most are businessmen. Oh and another thing, I've just found out that this is not a new spot actually and from my stalking, I'm guessing this has been here since July 2016! I wonder why they've just gotten popular now?

Wherever you see, the place is just filled with flowers and greens!

Like most coffee shops, you'll order at the cashier and it'll be served to your table. Does anyone noticed that the cashier area is also super pretty?

A cup of Caps here costs only IDR 30K!

Tried one of their mocktails. This is a mix of lemon, citrus, mango, chamomile, and to pretty it up, they use edible flowers!

This is seriously good!! Not because it's wagyu or anything but because of the lasagna itself, which is super cheeseeeyy! Yum!!

The small size costs IDR 38K with only 2 pieces of chashu..lol!

Yet again proven that pork can never go wrong and the runny egg yolk just makes it perfect! The rice is smothered with sauce and let's not forget to add the chili. I think there's ebi in the chili(?)

Here's Mimsy Botanical! Super gorgeous decor and after doing some stalking, I see that they're often used in a wedding, whether for crowns or bouquet. Absolutely marvelous!

They also have my all time favorite flower; Cotton Flower!!

Guten Morgen Coffee Lab & Shop
Jl. Mandala Utara No. 29C
Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours :
Monday - Thursday : 08:00 am - 08:00 pm
Friday - Sunday : 08:00 am - 10:00 pm

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