31 March 2017


Maybe some of you saw that one of us went to Derawan Island on this early March from Instagram, especially since it's a bit of a spam..lol! It's just because the place is just so beautiful that I want to show you all of them! Show that our Indonesia is actually gorgeous! Land nor underwater, all of them are pretty and after sharing them, a lot of you also ask some questions about this, so here's all the answers you need! Let's tour!!

It's a bit of a tiring trip if you're from Jakarta though, as it's from Jakarta to Balikpapan to Berau to Tanjung Batu, and then to Derawan. From Berau to Tanjung Batu, you'd have to ride a car for about 150-180 minutes drive, depends on your driver..lol! The road is far from smooth and you'd be going into the woods (playing that TS song..lol!), from then on going to Derawan will be taken by a speed boat with about 25 minutes of travel. Other alternative if you don't want to go through Berau, is going through Tarakan, though if I'm not mistaken, you'd be going on a long journey by boat. I'd much prefer a long way by car than boat, you see!


Yet another pork specialist has landed in Jakarta, more precisely in Pluit! Yay! Can't be denied that North Jakarta is the heaven of non-halal foods, either it's PIK, Gading, or Pluit. Probably because of the market is perfect for it. This place is called The Fat Pig and it's one with a carwash, though I don't remember the name of the carwash, sorry! :(


Hey there Glosis Steak lovers or if you're not, at least you must've heard of this brand. It's pretty popular among family in the old times. Now, we'll just introduce you a bit about this new branch called Glosis Restaurant at La Maison Barito apartment in South Jakarta. This is the only Glosis branch that has a breakfast menu and coffee from Common Grounds! Of course their opening hours is also different starting from 7 am to 11 pm. Wow, huh? Aren't they just full of surprises?


CupBop here is actually an international brand that has landed itself in Jakarta, more exactly at Gandaria City on the lower ground. I think they also have a branch at Living World but I just haven't got the chance to visit there. It's Korean cuisine and the type that is put into a cup hence the name!


Yeah! Gelato!! Who doesn't love good gelato? From kids to adults, everyone just loves their gelato, right? Eating gelato always gives me this happy feeling and hearing that the famous Gaya Gelato from Bali coming to Jakarta, I think I'm in heaven! Gaya Gelato in Bali is located at Ubud and Uluwatu and last month they've opened their first Jakarta branch at Pantai Indah Kapuk (again)!!


So happy that there's yet another brunch spot in Jakarta! When people talk about brunch, the first place that came up in my mind is definitely Maple & Oak but then after giving it some thought, I guess Jakarta has quite a lot of brunch spots like St. Ali, Toby's Estate, and Common Grounds, which are all connected by the way..lol! It's usually coffee shops tho and Hardware Lane here is no different. Don't really know whether they want to focus on the coffee or brunch but all I know is the presentation of their brunch is very interesting! Like always, I did some stalking on their Instagram before visiting and it's obvious that they're an Australian type of brunch and lucky me, cause that's exactly what I love!

Located at Pluit and you can locate it with GPS, cause that's how I found it too..lol! Signage is pretty big, so it's easy to find and the parking lot is huge. You won't miss it!

30 March 2017


Usually when I went to Bali, there's already a default list of places that I'd visit, like Babi Guling, Warung Cahaya, Gusto, etc (you can check them out on Instagram by searching #lulabyspoonbali). After a certain times of going to the same routines, you'd get sick of it, so you can't imagine how psyched I am when I found this new favorite spot! It's called Pork Star and yes, when in Bali, of course the jewels would be pork..lol!

Pork Star here is pretty close to Warung Cahaya, only in different alley. From the front you'd immediately see a hot pink container truck with a picture of a pig on it, that's how you know it's Pork Star! Don't worry, even though only the truck is visible, they actually have a proper table to dine in, the container is just their kitchen, the restaurant itself even have 2 floors!


Don't really remember what this place was before, the location is right across of PIK Avenue. The place is called Wheat & Wit and it's more of a bakery sourcing from Malaysia!

12 March 2017


Today we're sharing about something different. It's not the usual restaurant review but a chocolate brand! Yay for chocolates! The brand is from PT. Sukanda Djaya, called Cacao Barry and it has been here since 1842. Their strength lies in sourcing origin countries' cocoa beans, working intimately with cocoa producers and selecting the best & appropriate beans for chocolate recipes and now, they're launching a "new generation" chocolate with a pure and intense taste of cocoa, the 3 purity from nature couverture chocolate; Ocoa, Alunga, and Inaya!

11 March 2017


It's finally March! Why are we excited you ask? Well, because in this month, we'll be going on a lot of vacations! Yes, not just one trip, but several, check out our instagram if you're interested in following us on our holidays. No, we won't be going together but on a separate trip, so if you wanna know each of our trips, find us on each of our own instagrams!
That's our quick heads-up, so now let's get back to business. Today we'll be sharing about Ginzamaru, which used to be where Sumibian was at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Don't really know if the owner is still the same or not but they both have grills and Ginzamaru here has more Japanese foods. If you still have no idea where this is, it's in line with PIK's market!