31 March 2017


So happy that there's yet another brunch spot in Jakarta! When people talk about brunch, the first place that came up in my mind is definitely Maple & Oak but then after giving it some thought, I guess Jakarta has quite a lot of brunch spots like St. Ali, Toby's Estate, and Common Grounds, which are all connected by the way..lol! It's usually coffee shops tho and Hardware Lane here is no different. Don't really know whether they want to focus on the coffee or brunch but all I know is the presentation of their brunch is very interesting! Like always, I did some stalking on their Instagram before visiting and it's obvious that they're an Australian type of brunch and lucky me, cause that's exactly what I love!

Located at Pluit and you can locate it with GPS, cause that's how I found it too..lol! Signage is pretty big, so it's easy to find and the parking lot is huge. You won't miss it!

Came here on their 2nd day of opening, so there's still so many flowers everywhere. It's amazing how they're immediately super full on their 2nd day! Don't really know if it's because of the holidays or they have many connections or what!

Interior's pretty cool and spacey, there's an indoor and outdoor with 3 tables at the back for the smoking room!

They have an open kitchen, so you can take a peek at how they make the plating so pretty!

For drinks we went with Lychee Tea IDR 33K and Ice Black IDR 31K, which are both refreshing!

We also got the 5Oz IDR 34K, though the coffee are all my friend's order and they said their coffee is a bit watery. I don't really get it tho!

Their Hot Green Tea IDR 40K is good by the way!

French fries with a sunny side up, streaky bacon that you can choose either pork or beef, cheese sauce, and onion gravy. What makes this superb is the onion gravy by the way, makes it a bit mushy but gives it strong flavor, so I'm okay with it!

This is actually similar to the fries with cheese that has been popular in some restaurants but they've upgraded it to a more tempting dish! Nice job!

The one thing that I love the most in this dish is the sausage, which is also the one that stands out the most, eh? I think the sausage is their own homemade and I'm also amazed by their brioche cause it's super good!

Portion's pretty filling for 1 person!

This is also very heavenly!! You can choose either pork or beef for the bacon and of course I went with pork. Well, me and my friends agreed that the candied bacon is a bit too sweet and the french toast is also sweet, so the only balance is from the eggs. Maybe making it less sweet is better?

On first bite, I was totally in love with this! Again, the toast is super fluffy and yet another new taste for me to discover but if I was to finish this all alone, I don't think I could..way too overwhelmed with sweetness!

Battered french toast with chocolate ganache topped with marshmallow and more chocolate sauce. As you can see, this is super sweet. On my 3rd bite, I was totally defeated by it. Not saying it doesn't taste good but I'd recommend you share this because on my 2nd bite, this is still amazingly good!

Darling, you're too sweet!

My type of brunch! Good taste and also good to look at!

Fyi, they open from 7 am, so you can also grab your power breakfast here!

Hardware Lane
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya No. 33
Pluit, Penjaringan
Jakarta Utara 14450

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 07:00 am - 11:00 pm


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