27 April 2017


My first visit to Porto Bistreau is to the one at Central Park, which is actually their 2nd branch. The first one is at Serpong. Porto here is from Altima Group, so it's the same as Nanny's Pavilion, Karnivor, Wild Grass in Bandung, and others. Went here for a breakfast, which is pretty rare and weird, even for me. Who am I kidding? Central Park is not exactly a type of breakfast kind of mall and yet here I am..lol! No, we don't live in the hotel or apartment near here if that's what you're thinking, guess we're just that random!

Porto Bistreau here opens from 8 in the morning, which is why they have a breakfast menu and there're 6 of them, available only till 11 am, so it's not an all day breakfast. Be sure to keep that mind!

Located at the old Nanny's, the one inside Sogo. Remember that there used to be 2 Nanny's in CP? Well, one of them is replaced with this, since they are still in the same group anyways!

Don't know why but the place feels more spacey than it was as Nanny's even though the space is actually the same. Maybe because of the interior and layouts? See, those are important aspects!

A default menu for breakfast, isn't it? Almost every breakfast menu would have this! Just add seasoning and it's good to go. Yet, here they also put it with sourdough bread and fruit salad for a perfect power breakfast!

Toast with truffle spread, edam cheese and mozzarella cheese, can you believe that? Just imagine how superb this is! The toast is perfect with a slight crunch in texture and the truffle spread is uh-mah-zing! The yellow goo there is actually poached egg with hollandaise sauce, though I think there's too much butter on the sauce making it taste nothing but buttery and made me unable to eat it.. Other than that, it's all good!

Who wouldn't go for a grilled bratwurst with eggs on top of baked beef bolognese and beans for breakfast? You can either get this with hash brown or fries, I'd go with hash but it's unfortunately sold out, so went with fries instead. Still super good though as it's seasoned to perfection!

The bratwurst is just unbelievably superb!!

This isn't in the breakfast menu actually but because there are only 3 available breakfast menu out of 6, where the other half are sold out, we decided to try this!

The watermelon is shaped into a tube and inside is filled with tuna salad. It's amazingly good, especially the dressing! A burst of freshness in your mouth with this combination of salad and watermelon!

This is cranberry juice mixed with lemon and lychee. A very refreshing and sweet combination and adorned with what we Indonesians like to call "rambut nenek", which is litterally cotton candy clamped with wafers. Totally cute!

It was my friend's order, so didn't really try it but it's said to be a mix of chocolate, milk, and hazelnut syrup. You probably could guess how it tasted no problem, right? Lol!

And that's about it on our little review of our quick breakfast at Porto Bistreau. Hope it could be useful, maybe to you who works at APL Tower or Pullman Hotel? A good breakfast can go a long way, so be sure not to skip it, kay? :)

Porto Bistreau
Central Park Mall
Sogo GF
Jl. Letjen S. Parman
Tanjung Duren, Jakarta Barat

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 08:00 am - 10:00 pm

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