23 April 2017


Well after the coffee hype, now comes the new hype; Cheesecake! This isn't exactly a new place but since cheesecake shops have been appearing here and there nowadays, this one is a must to come into the spotlight, it's Cheesess!

It's a small cute little shop located right next to a restaurant called Gastromaquia at Ciniru road, Senopati. You can even say it's in the same building! Though it's small, I personally think the space is enough to just enjoy a quick dessert. They have 3 tables indoors and a few more outdoors, so it's perfect!

However, they've decided to step up their game on the culinary industry by bringing some homecooked meals to their menu and that's what we're going to highlight today! The menus are all themed Indonesian comfort foods, so expect noodles and meatballs!

As starters of course this childhood snack is perfectly suitable for an Indonesian comfort food theme! Hardly ever find this dish that is not good, even the ones you bought at the traditional market, so this is a thumbs up!

The sauce is a bit too watery tho!

Here's something popular from Manado. The Cakalang is a bit spicy and balanced with Bunga Pepaya, simple and traditional!

Yeap, another comfort food! All the foods are hardly something I won't like, since they're all the foods I've been eating from childhood. This one here is a perfect meal on a rainy day!

When it's Indonesian comfort food, this is a must! This is a very close to heart dish, I remember that whenever I have no idea what to eat, noodles are a very handy way out. The taste of this noodles is not something special or anything but it's just right. If they're going for something homecooked then they've nailed it!

Don't forget to enjoy some coffee while you're here, cause coffee and cakes are a match-made-in-heaven!

Espresso shot served with homemade chocolate crumble, vanilla ice cream, dill leaves, peanut butter, crispy almond tuiles.

We also tried this super cute leveled up affogato! It's intriguing how usually people who doesn't like coffee and would prefer to skip the espresso shot when it comes to affogato turns out preferring this with the espresso shot poured in. Yes, the espresso shot here strangely gave the whole dessert a very yummy taste! Be sure to break the crispy almond tuiles into the dessert!

Can't leave without trying their cheesecake now, can we? It'll be a crime! We got the New York Cheesecake, Kyoto White Cheesecake, and Christmas Island Baileys Cheesecake. Our favorite is definitely the Baileys one cause of the unique taste, for the traditional, we prefer the New York. The Kyoto White is a bit too overwhelming for us, especially if you have went through a full course meal!

Here's the New York Cheesecake.. (I don't think you can buy a slice of their cakes, you need to buy a whole cake with 3 various sizes, for this one the 10cm costs IDR 148K, 15cm IDR 228K, and 20cm IDR 368K and same goes to the Kyoto White Cheesecake.)

..and this is the Baileys! (For the 10cm this one costs IDR 228K, 15cm IDR 358K, 20cm IDR 548K.)

Well, I think all the meals are proper and everything but it's simply a homecooked meals and I don't really know if people would come to a cheesecake shop to get some of those but I guess there's always a chance of that happening. Oh, and they also have a branch at Kota Kasablanca! Well, all in all, we wish them the best of luck!

Jl. Ciniru I No. 1
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan

Opening Hours :
Tuesday - Thursday : 11:00 am - 08:00 pm
Friday - Sunday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm


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