30 May 2017


Welcome to paradise! Bali is definitely a paradise island that people will keep visiting! It's not only a tourist spot but also a place to just sit back and relax, from nature to cuisines, they have it best! Personally, though Bali is a quite small island in map, it definitely won't be enough to explore all with just a month because it is just so rich of everything! Probably the reason why so many decided to live in this paradise island!

Though we often went to Bali, we never reviewed anything about Bali in Lulabyspoon, so this time we decided to share something, this is called La Joya, Biu Biu! Why? Cause this place is super amazing! This is gonna be picture-y post cause we just want you to see how beautiful this place and picture speaks louder than words, so enjoy the view!

It's located a bit far from the city, in Balangan area and it'll take an hour to get here from Kuta. The road is very deserted with no signal what-so-ever. I went here using an online driver (but it's actually not allowed, so keep quite, kay?) and got a local as my driver, so we didn't get lost at all. Some of my friends came here using Waze and they totally got lost, so be sure to always ask around whenever you can if you're going here by yourself!

Entrance, everyone! So La Joya here also has an inn, though I don't have the pricing, since I wasn't gonna stay the night anyways. Just came here to hang out at their restaurant with awesome view!

Anyway, even if you're only here to hang around, you'll need to pay IDR 200K / person to the reception and be sure to keep the bill to give to the restaurant's waiter. You can exchange that for foods and drinks with the same amount, so don't worry!

To the right and left are the rooms!

Infinity pool!! Whoop whoop! Not quite sure if this is for public or just guests who're staying tho!

And we made it to the restaurant! The downer is that it's scorching hot but on the bright side (literally) the sky is super clear and blue, so the view is totally on point!

There are so many tables, so don't need to worry about not getting a seat and you can choose wherever. I got the ones with shades, since I'm too scared of getting sunburned!

Foods are mostly Western with a reasonable price. It's not unbelievably expensive type because they're selling the view and tastes acceptable, so it's all good!

The photogenic spot! This is actually one of the dining tables!

Ta-dah! Jacuzzi beside a cliff! You'll need to pay IDR 100K / person to enjoy a 30 minutes dip in the jacuzzi tho.. Kinda a rip off but from here you can see the sunset right in front of you and as clear as daylight without mountains or trees getting in the way!

Plus, if you see around you, the view is amazing! Be careful for those who's afraid of heights tho, cause it can get pretty terrifying if you look down!

To your right there's;

And to your left there's;

Quite exquisite, huh?

La Joya, Biu Biu
Jl. Pantai Balangan
Jimbaran, Kuta Sel.
Kabupaten Badung, Bali

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 07:00 am - 10:00 pm

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