31 May 2017


Yeap, you read right, we got to attend the press conference of the Iron Chef Indonesia! Does anyone know what Iron Chef is? If you don't, we'll share a little here. It's a cooking face off type of TV program. First appearance made in Japan in 1993 to 1999 and spread like a wildfire to other countries like America, Australia, to England..and now, RCTI has successfully brought the program to Indonesia! Whoop whoop!

In Iron Chef Indonesia, they're going to bring together the pros in culinary world to challenge on 1 of the 3 Iron Chefs! Yes, all the famous chefs that you might heard of will most probably stand here to face the Iron Chefs, sounds exciting, huh? Well, actually the program has aired since 22nd of April 2017 and how blessed are we to be able to personally meet the 3 Iron Chefs and even get a taste of their special creations! Let's meet these Iron Chefs, shall we?

Here's Chef Sezai Zorlu, head chef and owner of Turkuaz restaurant! Born in İskenderun, Turkey, he's been deemed Ambassador of Turkish cuisine since 1999 and his restaurant has been named the best restaurant in Jakarta in 7 years! He even cooked for King Salman here in Jakarta!

He made for us his special "Sultan Platter", which is 3 kinds of dish made into 1 huge platter of heaven! It can't be denied that his knowledge in spices is the best as the whole studio was filled with the wonderful fragrance coming from his dish! What's in this fragrant Sultan Platter you might ask;

There's an Onion Stuffed Chicken with Chickpeas Rice,

Marinated Char-Grilled King Prawn with Cous Cous,

and the highlight, Salt Baked Baby Lamb with Exotic Rice!

Next up is Chef Adhika Maxi, owner of the Union group AMK Catelier and Izayakai! A graduate from Curtin University, Australia, he also attended a French Culinary Institute in New York, 2007. He also had the chance to work at the 2 Michelin Star Gordon Ramsay Restaurant in New York for 3 years! Specializing in Westernized Indonesian cuisine, he made a special Es Teler Pie that is surprisingly like the original cold dessert!

Other than that, he also made a Surf and Turf Abalone and  Snow Beef, which melts in your mouth!

Last is the exploding Truffle Choux!

Last but definitely not least, Chef Chris Salans, chef owner of Mozaic restaurant! From Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, he interned at l'Oustau de Baumanière, a 3 Michelin Star restaurant at that time in South France. He had also worked in a 3 Michelin Star restaurant in France with Lucas Carton, became the first chef for David Bouley in New York City, chef executive in The Legian Suites, Bali, and head chef for Bouchon, California!

For us, he made an amazing gastronomic Smoked Gindara Carpaccio, while giving a slight education about the gastronomic he used here.

Another one is the very beautiful Asinan Bogor, which hits close to home!

Iron Chef Indonesia airs in RCTI on every Sunday at 4 pm, so be sure to catch these skillful chefs as they poured their passion and heart out with a 60 minutes cook off! Thank you RCTI and Iron Chefs for the amazing opportunity!

Iron Chef Indonesia
Sunday, 4 PM


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