25 May 2017


Yes! You didn't read the title wrong. This "it" spot where people usually hang out for snack while enjoying quality time over beer has offered an all you can eat! It's known for a great place for beer, since it does open from 5 pm 'till midnight and the foods are pretty affordable. This buffet madness offer stands for every Tuesday at Shao Kao Pantai Indah Kapuk with a price of IDR 198K++! Yeap, you can eat anything here for that price. Tempting, huh?

I guess that price is pretty worth it for the vast selections. For the meats, 1 skewer would usually cost IDR 8K, if I remember it correctly. Fyi, the buffet does have a limited time of 90 minutes like most all you can eats, so it's still reasonable!

From meats, to meatballs, to veggies, everything can be found here! You can choose either savory or bbq for the flavors. Usually people would go for the bbq, which is leaning more to the sweet side, but I prefer the salty savory, since each table already has bbq sauce, so you can just add it later on by yourself!

There are halal and non-halal foods here but don't worry, they're separated, in terms of storage and cooking!

Smoked pork is love!

Be sure to finish everything or you'll be charged IDR 5K for each skewer!

For the grilled corn, I usually will ask for it to be shaved off but you can also have it on a cob!

My must-haves is definitely this Pork Samchan! Use the spices and chili powder on the table for extra flavor!

This is a rolled egg. Who remembers this from childhood? It's a snack that is usually sold on a small stand in front of a school or university, though I can't find these from my school. I only found out about this heavenly snack after graduating!

That skewer on the left end is actually filled with cheese! Can you believe that?!

And that's about it from this Shao Kao Buffet Madness! Fyi, even after all those grilled foods, I didn't have any throat problem, so I guess it's pretty safe, rest assured!

Shao Kao
Ruko Cordoba blok F No. 6
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Bukit Golf Mediterania, Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara 14470

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 05:00 pm - 02:00 am

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