27 May 2017


Yes, this is the most talked about newly opened sushi shop as of now! Everything at IDR 15K, not a promo price! That price definitely drew in a lot of attention cause it seems very affordable, though I personally can't say it's cheap. It's reasonable..but not cheap. I got a few tips if you're thinking of dining here, be sure to keep on reading for it! Here's Sushi Go! at PIK Avenue!

Sushi Go! one price sushi here is actually located inside the Dotonburi food court of PIK Avenue, which is on the 2nd floor and I heard that this is actually a sister branch of Sushi Hiro? Can anyone tell me if it's the truth or just a rumor?

The place is more of a sushi bar, so all tables is connected to the sushi bar somehow. Not that spacey but you can also sit at the food court, though you won't be connected to the sushi bar then.

Yeap, it really does cost IDR 15K per plate and it also includes a free ocha! If you want to drink something else, the price of drinks is also IDR 15K by the way, though I'd definitely go for the ocha and so does most of everyone here..lol!

Other than sushi, they also have desserts, like pudding, cake, mousse. Didn't try them though, so can't really comment on it. The cakes are also put at the sushi bar!

Here's the free drink corner! There are 2 of this, so you won't need to fight with others! :D

TIPS: you have to ask for the picture menu like this below right before ordering, cause once you sit down, there'll only be a picture-less list of menus that you'll write on your orders and you'd most probably look at the sushi bar to search for a plate worth of IDR 15K, right? xD Well, I've just realized how important this picture menu only after looking at a table behind me, where all of their orders are not what's on the sushi bar. Yeap, they also ordered from the picture menu! It's pretty obvious that the sushi on the sushi bar is not that interesting and definitely lacking in variety, so remember everyone; get the picture menu!

After skimming through the picture menu, then write down on this paper all your orders. This paper will be on each tables!

Ta-da! This is the sushi bar I've been rambling about. As you can see, the ones here are only the uninteresting ones. You won't find unagi or ebi furai or aburi beef here! What you'll find are;

Ebi Sushi

Chuka Idako

Chuka Wakame

Tobiko Salad Gunkan

I'm not gonna explain each of these, since I think the taste of sushi is mostly similar wherever! And these are what I ordered from the menu;
Ikura Gunkan

Inari Spicy Tuna Salad Sushi

Inari Sushi

Unagi Sushi, yes, it's IDR 15K/piece. I guess it's still worth it, considering unagi is pretty expensive!

Beef Cheese Roll, definitely worth the price as it taste superb!

Ebi Tempura Roll, too bad the tempura is soggy...

Salmon Sashimi, again, IDR 15K for 2 slices. It's fresh though and the slice's pretty thick!

Aburi Salmon Belly Sushi, this is what you won't ever find on the sushi bar, though it taste very average! :(

Salmon Skin Fried, this is a must-have! The portion's pretty generous for IDR 15K and you can see that a bit of the meat is still there!

Aburi Salmon Spicy Mentai

Kani Spicy Mentai

Ebi Furai Cheese, at first glance I thought that yellow piece on top of the ebi is a pickle, turns out it's the cheese..lol! Doesn't taste as cheesy as I thought it would tho! :(

Aburi Beef Sushi, another must-have! It's amazingly good and I got this huge slice of beef that smells heavenly, all for IDR 15K!

So many of you asked me if this taste better than Genki and personally, when it comes to taste, I think it's pretty similar. The highlight of Sushi Go! here is more into their price!

Sushi Go!
PIK Avenue Mall
2nd floor
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jakarta Utara



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