22 May 2017


Yeap, almost all of you should probably know Union, so why do we need to talk about this famous place? Because there's gonna be some exciting new menus this month! Other than the main course, there're also gonna be new cakes! Let's go!

For the main course, there will be 5 new menus and first stop is this sandwich!

With grilled chicken and beef/pork bacon.

You might think that there's nothing special about this, since a lot of other restaurants also offers some proper club sandwich but what impressed me is that with such common menu, they could come up with a taste that is unpredictable! That's the power of Union's chef..lol! I'm guessing that it's also why they're very popular even now!

Doesn't that sound fancy? The buns looks like those hard rolls, right? But it turns out to actually be soft! Plus, what makes this even fancier is that brown sauce there, there's truffle in it! Just imagining the taste makes me drool!

At first glance, I definitely thought it was squid, I mean just look at the shape..lol! Well, turns out this is a very classic and proper fish and chips!

With grilled prawns.

The most exciting menu! Too bad the salted egg was not available when I came here.. :( In exchange, they use some kind of carbonara, which is still good and a bit spicy but I was definitely looking forward to how the chef of Union makes salted egg pasta!

This one totally blew my mind! It passed my expectation in a mile stone! Who would've thought something like kwetiau can taste this amazing, even if it's just a typical boiled kwetiau. The beef is also perfectly tender, as if it's wagyu! Yum!

Ta-dah!! Union's newest cake creation; Coffee Crumble Cake! Crumble's from honey comb and personally, I find the honey comb goes extremely well with the coffee, though there are some who said that the honey comb is a bit too sweet.

Bad news is it's not for take away, since it needs to be on a specific temperature. Too long out of the fridge will cause the honey comb to change taste and loss the crunchy texture. They've done their best into making it able to be taken away but didn't succeed, so please get this only for dine in for the best taste!

Last dish is not a new menu actually. It's just this is my first time trying Union's Chicken Noodle. Can you believe that they use foie gras for this?! How fancy! Again, taste amazing, to the point where you just can't guess that just a typical noodle can taste this awesome! This is the only place I can find noodles that taste like this..great job Union! Keep on with the superb creation!

Plaza Senayan
Ground floor
Jalan Asia Afrika No. 8
Tanah Abang, Gelora
Jakarta Pusat 10270
021-57905861 / 2

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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