29 June 2017


Sure nowadays there's been a lot of new Korean BBQ restaurants that are far more photogenic and modern but actually, not all those new ones are good in taste. Usually people flock those places only because it's a new 'hit' place and only a few that is truly good. That however, cause these old-yet-still-standing-strong ones, like HanYang here to be forgotten! Now, we just went to dine at HanYang Garden Senopati here on impulse and pretty random if you ask me..lol! It's probably because we didn't know where else to try some Korean BBQ and we need something new, as we pretty much have tried all. Not trying to boast here but it's really true!

The place is actually pretty big! Though it's a Korean BBQ, it's not the type where the meat is grilled at our table like most Korean BBQ. It will be served to us once it's cooked and because I wanted to take some shots, I asked them to put hold the raw meats on our table before cooking it. Sorry for the hassle!

Yeap, price is on par with Born Ga. The meats are all above IDR 100K and all beefs are above IDR 200K! Woo Sul Gool here is a thinly sliced ox tongue and though it's really tender, it's thin.. :(

So good but the portion makes me wanna cry!

I'm actually pretty confused with Korean's Indonesian spelling. It's different on each different restaurants! I usually find this to be written as 'Samgyeopsal' but here it's 'Samguepsal'? Oh well, all I know is that this is seasoned pork belly!

Though it might look red, it's actually cooked well enough. The fat is very thin here with more meat!

Korea's sushi, where inside is filled with veggies. I've never been a fan, so I don't order this often and each time I did, the taste is pretty much the same. Makes it a bit difficult to say if this is good or not!

It's steamed pork belly and served cold. Honestly, this is not the best bossam I've had..the best I've had is the one at Bumbu Satu, Senopati. This one is way too dry for me, so sad!

Learned my lesson to stick to ordering something that is actually their specialty, instead of getting too adventurous..lol!

HanYang Garden
Jl. Cikajang No. 2
Senopati, Jakarta

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 10:00 am - 10:00 pm


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