25 June 2017


Hermitage Hotel here is actually an old building but it was renovated to suit the modern era, though they still kept the Indonesian cultures. I get this feeling that they've been here even before Indonesia's independence day, so I can't really tell if I'm more amazed or more creep out..lol! Don't worry though, I didn't feel any haunting aura while being here and it's all super fine other than the fact that the hotel is super quite and there's almost nobody there! Too bad I didn't take any photos of the corridors to show you their cool antiquity, it's as if we went back in time to the English era. Do try googling it!

What we're gonna talk about is their restaurant called L'Avenue. So during these fasting season, they have a buffet of Indonesian food for IDR 325K++ per person and truth be told, this is my first experience with a local food buffet in a hotel!

The restaurant doesn't fit that many people, since it's an old building and everything, though they've renovated it, they can't change the size. From the outside, this hotel looks like a house in a hook and next to it are also normal houses, so just think of how big can the place be as it's like a house made into a hotel. It's not a skyscraper building but it was considered a pretty huge house in its time!

Getting into the foods, first stop is a Pepes Ikan Kakap Putih (Oven Baked Snapper). See? Very Indonesian! It's exactly like those locals with its yellow sauce and all. There's also a wide selection of sambals; Sambal Kecap, Rawit, Matah, and the usual Sambal Merah!

I guess this could be considered as an appetizer. There's Tempe Mendoan, Bakwan, Tahu, Singkong, Fried Fritters, and other fried foods that you usually find at a roadside stand! Tastes okay, just not that crispy!

Their Sup Iga Asam is sooo good! They really captures the Indonesian's sour taste and the ribs super tender and easily pulled from the bone!

The Beef Masak Konro is also super tender with a very strong flavor of soy sauce and herbs!

King Fish Asam Padeh

Another tender one, Bebek Kalio! It's also another new taste for me that I find a bit hard to explain but it's definitely nicely cooked!

This is actually Sate Lilit with a cool name, which is Lemongrass Chicken Pentul..lol! It's good, which is definitely because of the sambal matah!

They also have Mie Aceh Spicy Prawn Broth with Beef. The texture is a bit too mushy and I personally find the taste not strong enough, maybe cause it's hotel food. Like usual, hotel foods are purposely made to be neutral, so they won't make the flavor too strong. If you like strong flavors then you can add more seasoning yourself, so everyone can enjoy the foods with their own taste!

Getting to the desserts, of course something like warm Kolak Pisang would be included! I kinda prefer it cold tho!

Next one is Biji Salak. Personally find it to be lacking that bouncy texture and it's easily distorted when you scoop it but taste wise it's good. Again, this is served warm with a brown sugar syrup!

Baklava!! Another must-haves in Ramadan dishes! It's filled with date and nuts, all glazed, yum!

It's the ultimate Iftar experience here! With all the Indonesian foods, it's definitely a comfort food to our taste buds. This #BerbukaDiHermitage experience is absolutely pleasant!

The Hermitage Hotel
JL. Cilacap No. 1
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat


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