25 June 2017


Yeap, after the second soba Kabuto Mazesoba at PIK, here's another one, Kokoro Mazesoba! Please don't tell me that this will be the next trend, tho I don't really mind.. Kokoro here is located in the 5th floor of Grand Indonesia's West Mall. Wow, it's been a long time since there's anything interesting there, huh? Went there on a weekend and it's a full house, making me more curious of how it tastes!


This is actually their signature dish and you can either choose chicken or pork. The chicken one costs IDR 69K, yes, just IDR 4K apart. Like any other soba shops, you need to quickly mix it all up before digging in to avoid the noodles sticking!

In terms of taste, I think it's pretty average. Worth the try but not something I'll come back to. There's also one called Negi Iri Mazesoba, which is very similar to this one. It's difference is literally just from the amount of spring onions..lol! There's a lot of Japanese dish that does this, I wonder why? Is spring onions something very popular in Japan or something?

Here's something with more meat! Charsiu meat to be exact, that's the only difference with the last one. Typically it has spicy minced meat, fresh green onion, fresh garlic chives, dried nori, fresh minced garlic, fried fish powder, and a Japanese omega egg. Relax tho, you can ask the greens to be separated!

This one is the same as the last one but with more toppings! Pickled bamboo shoots, extra nori sheets and 2 eggs! At first, I ate this eagerly but I was overwhelmed fast, since the toppings is just too much..I'd definitely prefer the last one. Really now..too little toppings is wrong, too much is also wrong..lol!

This is just like the rice version of the Tokyo Mazesoba minus the egg. It costs IDR 65K and is the exact interpretation of a comfort food! To be honest, I prefer the rice version rather than the soba..how wrong is that!

Pork Gyoza as a snack! Delicious, too bad the skin is too thick! Sorry that I forgot the price..hehe.

Well, I guess most soba will taste pretty much the same. I wonder if there'll be more soba shops in the future? It used to be only Abura Soba and it was always my favorite choice when dining at PIK, so I do hope there will be more delicious soba coming soon!

Kokoro Mazesoba
Grand Indonesia Mall
5th floor, West Mall
Jl. MH Thamrin no. 1
Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat

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