24 June 2017


There's a flower market in Grand Indonesia!! Yuhuu, this time Lewis and Carroll have once again catches our eyes with a new scenery. What's once was only tea, now their new branch have a flower haven! All these gorgeous petals are from @summerpetals and I don't really know if it's just sharing the same spot or a collaboration but these beauties are for sale!

The Lewis and Carroll here offers similar stuffs as the one in Jl. Bumi, they sell tea, main course, and desserts, just with the added flowers market, so I guess I don't really need to go into details of this!

Interior's not as white as the old branch tho! Yet still pretty-pretty!

I just have a huge obsession to white flowers!

Our favorite tea here is called Island Cordial Signature that costs IDR 40K. It has this hints of mango flavor and is super good when made into iced!

Most of the flowers here are real flowers and a rare one at that! Something that'll leave you in awe and some are even new to me. I'm not a flower expert and there are definitely a lot of the names that I'm unfamiliar with but they're all unique and pretty!

What lady could possibly deny these beauties? Even men would love these!

There's a place for flower arranging right beside Lewis and Carroll and I guess that's where you order the bouquets?

A shoutout to the gardeners, aren't the uniform the cutest?

Definitely in my list of pretty places to relax, enjoy a cup of wonderful tea with a gorgeous flower filled scenery! Perfect relaxation is calling here!

Lewis & Carroll Flower Market
Grand Indonesia
East Mall Central Dept. Store, UG Floor
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1
Thamrin, Jakarta
021-21889061 ext:143



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