31 July 2017


A super gorge place has landed itself at Pluit Village! Well, we don't go to this mall often, so we don't really know if this is new or not but we're guessing it's new..lol! The place is called Le Diliel and it's another one owned by the owner of Commune Space. Yes, everything in Commune Space here is literally owned by the same owner, except for The Onnie Studio, which is owned by Julie Taslim!

Upon entering, we were definitely amazed by the interior! It's super classy and pretty, though it's not that big. We don't know if this was because it's decorated for the event or they're just this beautiful on daily basis!

It's definitely a good spot for a romantic dinner as what we're going to go through with, wishing we were here with our boyfriends..lol! Well, being with best friends/partners is good as well! :D

A sneak peek as to what we're going to enjoy here. Fyi, each dish has their own alcoholic pairings, so all those drinks there actually contains alcohol!

Each dish is explained by this amazing chef!

Before getting into the courses, we go this awesome amous bouche! Tho I don't remember the name very well, all I know is that this bite sized dish is the perfect way to get your appetite going!

Cured Chinese cabbage, lime & chili dressing.

The cured Chinese cabbage here is rolled up into a ball and I was at first pretty confused on how to bite it. Cutting the cabbage turns out to be pretty hard but eating it on one go, doesn't seem possible..lol! Still end up cutting it with much effort tho! This taste somewhat like kimchi but less spicy and more sweet. I find this a great start, since I'm pretty fond of acar!

Yes, even this so called 'Es Timun' is also an alcoholic drink. Taste exactly like how an infused cucumber water with added alcohol should taste!

Pan-seared crusted Tuna loin, smoked young skipjack tuna, fried noodle, lime basil, konbu broth.

Love this! Totally a favorite and the highlight of this place! Flavor is on point, the texture of the noodle is perfect and the tuna tataki is just very lovely! Yum!

Taste sort of lemony and citrus, yes, you can clearly see I'm no alcohol expert!

Smoked octopus, coconut aioli, sweet cassava chips.

Love how tender the octopus is and it goes perfectly with the sambal matah aioli! I ate the cassava first, then the octopus, ending it with those red blocks that is sort of like watermelon or some kind of fruit that I find unfamiliar. It taste sweet and very watery like a watermelon, so it's the perfect way to cleanse your palate!

Taste like Cointreau, very strong with a taste of citrus!

Butter poached prawn, cauliflower puree, candied cauliflower, "Rempeyek" red spinach, fried stinky beans.

Way to surprise us with molecular gastronomy! Each description is delivered perfectly! The prawn is perfectly cooked and the soapy bubbles taste exactly like cauliflower. What I don't really like is the fried stinky beans cause as the name said, it's very stinky..lol!

Guava sorbet, kecicang cream bubbles, rosella agar.

Just found out that kecicang is actually kecombrang..lol! Might sound weird but don't really taste anything from the cream bubbles just fragrance. The guava sorbet is very rich and creamy combining it with the rosella agar is just genius!

Grill lamb rack, fried cassava, sauteed shimeji, burnt leek, compressed cucumber, eggplant caviar balado.

Everything in this plate is simply a work of art! You can really tell that a lot of effort is put into every detail from the very tender texture to the strong flavor. It's all just perfection that I bet you'd finish everything off in this plate!

Palm sugar cream, corn sable, soursop sorbet & palm sugar meringue.

This little kid here packs a whole lot of sweet! Just eating it feels like you'll get diabetes but it's actually just palm sugar, so you can be a little less worried. The combination of texture and flavor is in perfect harmony, like how the sweet and sour soursop sorbet kinda give everything a fresh lift!

From this point on you're probably wondering where all the alcohols went..well, we're not much of drinker, so we didn't try the alcohols anymore. Except for this last one cause it's just super interesting! This is called Hemoglobin Molecular, it's pretty strong tho! I'm guessing the red bubbles are made with gelatin(?)

Lastly, we're ending it with these small bite sized desserts! Something from the international cuisine and another a local favorite!

Thank you HYPE and Le Diliel Bistro for the wonderful alcohol pairing dinner experience!

Le Diliel
Pluit Village
1st Floor
Jl. Pluit Indah Raya
Pluit, Jakarta
021-6683366 / 087781409111

Opening Hours :
Everyday : 11:00 am - 10:00 pm

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